VideoConf on 2010-02-05

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Inter Meeting on 5th Feb 2010[edit]


  • MPIPL: Patrick Duin, Daan Broeder
  • MPDL: Natasa Bulatovic, Julia Kurt


  • requirements for escidoc based imdi tool
    • view imdi sessions and resources (files)
    • search imdi sessions and resources (files)
    • synchronizing and versioning of resources has to be discussed further
    • resource access will be public and private
    • lamus export for escidoc items
    • SWORD is used to put files to escidoc

  • mapping between imdi and escidoc:
    • imdi corpus = escidoc container
    • imdi session = escidoc item
    • imdi resource (file) = escidoc component
    • imdi catalogue will be ignored in escidoc, as it just contains high level metadata


  • MPIPL:
    • provide sample zip-Archives with session/corpus data and resources
  • MPDL: implements webservcie for sending a METS stream to escidoc
    • specify and implement lamus export in escidoc (postponed)
    • provide oaipmh handling in escidoc

To be further discussed[edit]

  • imdi resource can belong to several corpora (discuss: howto solve that in escidoc)
common decision was to ignore the above, as it is a very rare case.
  • imdi session can be part of different collections (discuss: howto solve that in escidoc)
session can be member of several containers.
  • solution for delete/withdraw an imdi item in escidoc
  • persistent identifiers
check between alternatives to re-use existing pids and add additional resolution
escidoc will in any case asign own pid