Webmaster Apprenticeship Training

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Webmaster Apprenticeship Training

How to create a project website


Leo translates apprenticeship training as berufsbegleitender Unterricht which is pretty much what this page should be about: Seminars for people who perform typical webmaster tasks as part of their job (at the MPDL). Since we got specialists on all sorts of web development on board, it shouldn't be too hard to recruit trainers.

Goal: Clicking "view source" on any web page should become second nature.


  • Tools: Firebug, validators,et al.
  • sitemaps
  • email addresses in web pages
  • rel="canonical" and more (rel="search", etc.), see http://blog.whatwg.org/the-road-to-html-5-link-relations
  • html/xhtml and which version?
  • accessibility
  • validating and testing web pages
  • usability (evaluation methods, usability lifecycle, aesthetics vs. usability)
  • logfile analysis
  • strategies against spamming of web forms, etc.
  • "template" for simple websites, e.g. for EU projects
  • introduction to wordpress MU (WPMU): how to adapt, improve, trac, etc.
  • restricting access to MPG ip ranges
  • legal issues

What's a website made of?[edit]

The first thing to understand for a webmaster is what parts is a website made of and which ones can be manipulated.

The Meat[edit]


The Style[edit]


The Moving Parts[edit]


The Transport Layer[edit]

Last but not least: HTTP

Which systems do we have in use?[edit]

... and how can we poke around in them?

  • The MPDL hosts a couple of blogs using a WordPress μ installation.
    • The HTML of a blog's pages is created by a PHP web application, using templates which are grouped in themes. To manipulate the HTML, theme files have to be edited and uploaded to the server.
    • The CSS for a blog is also part of the theme, so the same procedure as above applies.
    • The HTTP responses can mainly be manipulated via Apache httpd configuration.



Neues zu Barrierefreiheit im Internet, Lothstr. 13d, 80335 München, 23.04.09, 17:30-19:00 (ist kostenlos!)

Hier noch einige Infos zur Referentin, die Geschäftsführerin einer Firma für barrierefreies Webdesign ist. http://www.xing.com/profile/Brigitte_BornemannJeske