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This document provides a plain description template according to the requirements specified in Dublin Core Application Profile [1]


Please enter all comments concerning the use cases on the discussion page.

eSciDoc PubMan Description Template: Publication[edit]

Literal Statement Templates (Properties)[edit]

Statement 1[edit]

Term URI
Label Title
Term Name title
DC Definition A name given to the resource.
DC Comment -
eSciDoc Definition Title of the described item.
eSciDoc Comment -
Type of term Property
Obligation Mandatory
Occurrence Min: 1; Max: 1
Best practice -
Remarks -

Non-Literal Statement Templates (Properties)[edit]

Statement 2[edit]

Term URI
Label event
Term Name event
eSciDoc Definition Some items are related to an event, e.g. a conference or a lecture series.
eSciDoc Comment -
Type of term Property
Refines -
Refined by -
Has Range eSciDoc PubMan Event
Obligation Optional
Occurrence Min: 0; Max: Unbounded;
Version 0.1
Best practice -
Remaks -

Vocabulary Encoding Schemes (VES)[edit]

VES 1[edit]

Term URI
Label Publication Types
Term Name publication-types
eSciDoc Definition Genre type of a publication.
eSciDoc Comment -
See ESciDoc_PublicationType_Encoding_Scheme
Type of term
Version 0.1
Best practice -
Remarks -

Syntax Encoding Schemes (SES)[edit]

SES 1[edit]

Term URI
Label ID Types
Term Name idtypes
eSciDoc Definition -
eSciDoc Comment -
Type of term Syntax Encoding Scheme
Version 0.1
Best practice -
Remarks -


links to schema implementations are provided here...