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This page gives an overview on the technical interfaces provided by eSciDoc.

Search&Export Interface[edit]

The Search&Export interface is a REST interface, with which one can extract data from PubMan. For the extraction the following export formats are available:

  • APA citation style
  • EndNote Export Format

The export fomats can be exported into the following output formats:

  • PDF
  • RTF
  • ODT
  • HTML
  • SNIPPET (PubMan XML format with a html snippet, in which the citation of the item in APA is written)

URL to the interface and the user friendly interface[edit]

How to search[edit]

  • Specify the index, in which you want to search, e.g. in all indexed metadata choose index: escidoc.metadata and enter the search term
    • if you want to search for more than one word, then put the search term into ".
    • you can combine the search in indexes with AND, OR, NOT
  • specify the language of the items you want to find, e.g. language=all
  • specify the export format, e.g. exportFormat=APA
  • specify the output format, e.g. outputFormat=pdf

Query examples[edit]

  • search for all items, that are submitted for publication and from the Max Planck Society:* AND escidoc.any-organizations="Max Planck Society" NOT escidoc.dateAccepted=200* NOT escidoc.published-online=200* NOT escidoc.issued=200*&exportFormat=APA&outputFormat=pdf&language=all
  • search for a certain PubMan item:
  • search for all publications from a certain department:"Department of Psychology"&exportFormat=APA&outputFormat=pdf&language=all

Technical documentation[edit]

The technical documentation of the Search&Export Interface can be found under: ESciDoc_Services_Search&Export

eSciDoc Data Acquisition Service[edit]

The eSciDoc Data Acquisition Service is an interface for harvesting data from external servers.

The four steps to fetch data:[edit]

1. Choose the presentation of the data[edit]

  • dataacquisition/view: Views the fetched data in the browser
  • dataacquisition/download: The fetched data will be provided as a download

2. Call the unAPI service interface[edit]

  • dataacquisition/view/unapi
  • dataacquisition/download/unapi

3. Provide the identifier of the item you want to fetch[edit]

  • dataacquisition/view/unapi?id=escidoc:1234
  • dataacquisition/download/unapi?id=escidoc:1234

4. Provide the format you want the fetched item in[edit]

  • dataacquisition/view/unapi?id=escidoc:1234&format=bibtex
  • dataacquisition/download/unapi?id=escidoc:1234&format=bibtex

Supported Identifiers:[edit]

  1. A identifier from a supported source (explained in /dataacquisition).
  2. A identifier = any URL (the eSciDoc DataAcquisition Service has no information about this source and can only try to call the given URL for the fetching request).

The format has to be set to "url". The response will be a zip file of the fetched content. The view option for url identifiers is disabled.

Technical documentation[edit]

If you are interested in the technical documentation, please read more on this side: ESciDoc_Services_DataAcquisitionHandler

eSciDoc Validation Service[edit]

The eSciDoc Validation Service checks XML metadata for syntactical and semantical correctness. This is done by a Schematron validation based on a given validation template that is selected by the validation schema id and the given validation point.

Access to the service[edit]

There are several ways to access the service. Below are links to the REST frontend and the SOAP frontend. There is also an EJB3 interface called

Technical Documentation[edit]

The technical documentation of the validation service can be found under: ESciDoc_Services_ValidationService

Control of Named Entities Service (CoNE)[edit]

This interface allows to query and export the controled Named Entities from PubMan, like journal names etc. Further information on the idea of control of names entities (CoNE) can be found under: Control_of_Named_Entities

Explain of the Service and Example Queries[edit]

The explain of the Service and Example Queries can be found under:

Technical Documentation[edit]

The technical documentation of the CoNE Service can be found under: Service_for_Control_of_Named_Entities

SWORD (Simple Web-service Offering Repository Deposit) Interface[edit]

Access to the Service[edit]

Technical Documentation[edit]

We provide:

For testing the deposit servlet one can use the Poster Firefox Plug-in.

PubMan Web Syndication Feeds[edit]

Access to the service[edit]

Technical Documentation[edit]

The technical documentation can be found under: PubMan_Web_Syndication_Feeds