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This page contains a set of example data for PubMan Workshops. The user accounts for the participants and for the trainer can be found here. (MPDL internal only).

Functionality Import Multiple Items[edit]


Test this functionality with the following files:

SVN Repository for PubMan Test Datasets: Test Datasets in SVN Repository

(Please make sure to disable the duplicate check during import.)

Functionality Import Single Items[edit]

Fetch from external Source[edit]

Single Import.png

Test this functionality with the following identifier:

  1. Fetch from arXiv
  1. Fetch from BioMed Central
  1. Fetch from Spires(funktioniert derzeit nicht)
    • 10.1016/J.NIMA.2008.08.135
    • hep-ph/0001001
  1. Fetch from PubMed Central

Upload Single Reference[edit]


Test this functionality with the following files:

Functionality Fetch File from Locator[edit]


Test this functionality with the following links:


Functionality Copy&Paste Authors[edit]


Test this functionality with one of the following examples:

(Please only copy author names without affiliations.)

Test Accounts für die Bookmark Services[edit]


Login: pubmantest Passwort: pubman123


Login: pubman Passwort: pubman123


Login: Passwort: pubman123

Further Information[edit]

Links which might be of Interest for you