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bringing a new physical server into operation[edit]


  • Capacity planning
    • Trigger xen on machines hosting vms has allocated all virtual cpus (suggestion from Malte: order the next machine when 2/3s of cpus on the old machine have been allocated.
    • hardware spec'ed by us. Discussed with Hr. Maas (Dell) after OK from GWDG (Eberhard Moenkeberg). SRV10 has the same hardware (but bigger harddisk) than srv09.
    • Pricing: c. 50% discount (MPG Rahmenvertrag). Quote from Dell - beschaffungsantrag - Malte.
    • Order placed. Order in May/June 2011.
  • Delivery process
    • Hardware delivery to GWDG End August, E. Moenkeberg discusses planning and bringing into operation with us.
    • OK from Eberhard to do connectivity test server End September / begin October.

this is where we currently are

    • GWDG still has to do: kernel backup, Tivoli connections and modifications. Target end of KW 42.