Checklist for Metadata Changes

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Changes in Quellcode[edit]

Decision: extend with JusCMS genres/creator roles and new metadata (in schema only, not in PubMan code)
  • update XSLTs in
    • transformation (partly done, the newer transformations + LL, ZFN, other migrations)
    • structured_exportmanager (status has to be checked)
    • cone_presentation (no changes needed)
    • validation (partly done, has to be revised and retested)
    • parent poms (both property sections) (todo)
    • citation styles (status has to be checked)
  • update ValueObjects (will not be done for new genres and new metadata)
  • update JibX-Bindings
  • check eSciDoc Admin and OU metadata changes (
  • if necessary update GUI/JSPFs (needed only if changes in Value objects)
  • if necessary update Resource bundles (needed only if changes in value objects)
  • tests and test.xmls have to be updated (partly done, has to be re-checked)

Changes in Colab[edit]

  • update Metadata Sets
    • add also JusCMS specific genres for genre type and source type? (list is available)--Natasa 16:38, 25 November 2009 (UTC)
    • add JusCMS author roles (list is available)?--Natasa 16:38, 25 November 2009 (UTC)
  • update Mapping Specifications



  • clarify modification of identifiers
  • clarify modification of predicates
  • synchronized with Person profile?

Third party applications[edit]

  • clarify with MPI PL
  • clarify with blogs
  • clarify with Cluster Jus/Contens --Ulla 11:00, 24 November 2009 (UTC)
  • inform Erik as they also use pubitems --Kurt 13:48, 18 February 2010 (UTC)
    • Backward compatible interface will be provided for MPIPL and blogs
    • JUSCMS communicated with Contents

Identifiers from CONE in Publication Metadata[edit]

Values of identifiers of things coming from CONE has to be provided as URIs in following manner:

  • person identifiers
          <escidoc:identifier xsi:type="eidt:CONE">urn:cone:persons30</escidoc:identifier> 
          has to be changed with
          <dc:identifier xsi:type="eterms:CONE"></dc:identifier>
  • Journal identifiers
    • No change with FOXML now
    • CONE identifier is not into the journal identifiers in publication metadata
    • can not be added with MD transformation due to lookup required to match to CONE IDs and add additional identifier as CONE;
    • future pubman improvement: to also include cone identifier in PubMD
  • DDC identifiers
    • no change with FOXML now,
    • has to be revisited in next release by:
      • adding xsi:type to dc:subject metadata in any case as there would be additional classifications
      • or attempting to insist on using of classifications which have URIs assigned already (in this case we would have to make some changes on MD profile perhaps)
    • no further change required also with Lucene (as originally thought), as it makes no sense
      • e.g. browse by DDC has to send to PubMan a query of DDC local-identifier instead of DDC identifier URI
  • Languages
   <dc:language xsi:type="dcterms:RFC3066">en</dc:language>
   has to be changed with
   <dc:language xsi:type="dcterms:ISO639-3">eng</dc:language>
   note: replacement of xsi:type and value

Replacement of data available from core-service live:

   "/md-records/md-record/publication/language";"da"  => dan
   "/md-records/md-record/publication/language";"de"  => deu
   "/md-records/md-record/publication/language";"el"  => ell
   "/md-records/md-record/publication/language";"en"  => eng
   "/md-records/md-record/publication/language";"es"  => spa
   "/md-records/md-record/publication/language";"fi"  => fin
   "/md-records/md-record/publication/language";"fr"  => fra
   "/md-records/md-record/publication/language";"it"  => ita
   "/md-records/md-record/publication/language";"ja"  => jpn
   "/md-records/md-record/publication/language";"ko"  => kor
   "/md-records/md-record/publication/language";"ne"  => nep
   "/md-records/md-record/publication/language";"nl"  => nld
   "/md-records/md-record/publication/language";"pl"  => pol
   "/md-records/md-record/publication/language";"pt"  => por
   "/md-records/md-record/publication/language";"zh"  => zho

Note: language code stays as three-letter, as this is in any case externally managed identifier