Checklist for Metadata Changes

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Changes in Quellcode

Decision: extend with JusCMS genres/creator roles and new metadata (in schema only, not in PubManPublication Management code)
  • update XSLTs in
    • transformation (partly done, the newer transformations + LL, ZFNZeitschrift für Naturforschung, other migrations)
    • structured_exportmanager (status has to be checked)
    • cone_presentation (no changes needed)
    • validation (partly done, has to be revised and retested)
    • parent poms (both property sections) (todo)
    • citation styles (status has to be checked)
  • update ValueObjects (will not be done for new genres and new metadata)
  • update JibX-Bindings
  • check eSciDocEnhanced Scientific Documentation Admin and OUOrganizational Unit metadata changes (
  • if necessary update GUIGraphical User Interface/JSPFs (needed only if changes in Value objects)
  • if necessary update Resource bundles (needed only if changes in value objects)
  • tests and test.xmls have to be updated (partly done, has to be re-checked)

Changes in ColabCollaboration Laboratory

  • update Metadata Profiles
  • update Metadata Sets
    • add also JusCMS specific genres for genre type and source type? (list is available)--Natasa 16:38, 25 November 2009 (UTCCoordinated Universal Time)
    • add JusCMS author roles (list is available)?--Natasa 16:38, 25 November 2009 (UTCCoordinated Universal Time)
  • update Mapping Specifications


CONEControl of Named Entities

  • clarify modification of identifiers
  • clarify modification of predicates
  • synchronized with Person profile?

Third party applications

  • clarify with MPIMax-Planck-Institut PL
  • clarify with blogs
  • clarify with Cluster Jus/Contens --Ulla 11:00, 24 November 2009 (UTCCoordinated Universal Time)
  • inform Erik as they also use pubitems --Kurt 13:48, 18 February 2010 (UTCCoordinated Universal Time)
    • Backward compatible interface will be provided for MPIPLMax-Planck-Institut für Psycholinguistik and blogs
    • JUSCMS communicated with Contents

Identifiers from CONEControl of Named Entities in Publication Metadata

Values of identifiers of things coming from CONEControl of Named Entities has to be provided as URIs in following manner:

  • person identifiers
          <escidoc:identifier xsi:type="eidt:CONEControl of Named Entities">urn:cone:persons30</escidoc:identifier> 
          has to be changed with
          <dc:identifier xsi:type="eterms:CONEControl of Named Entities"></dc:identifier>
  • Journal identifiers
    • No change with FOXMLFedora Object XML now
    • CONEControl of Named Entities identifier is not into the journal identifiers in publication metadata
    • can not be added with MDMetadata transformation due to lookup required to match to CONEControl of Named Entities IDs and add additional identifier as CONEControl of Named Entities;
    • future pubman improvement: to also include cone identifier in PubMD
  • DDCDisplay Data Channel identifiers
    • no change with FOXMLFedora Object XML now,
    • has to be revisited in next release by:
      • adding xsi:type to dc:subject metadata in any case as there would be additional classifications
      • or attempting to insist on using of classifications which have URIs assigned already (in this case we would have to make some changes on MDMetadata profile perhaps)
    • no further change required also with Lucene (as originally thought), as it makes no sense
      • e.g. browse by DDCDisplay Data Channel has to send to PubManPublication Management a query of DDCDisplay Data Channel local-identifier instead of DDCDisplay Data Channel identifier URIUniform Resource Identifier
  • Languages
   <dc:language xsi:type="dcterms:RFC3066">en</dc:language>
   has to be changed with
   <dc:language xsi:type="dcterms:ISO639-3">eng</dc:language>
   note: replacement of xsi:type and value

Replacement of data available from core-service live:

   "/md-records/md-record/publication/language";"da"  => dan
   "/md-records/md-record/publication/language";"de"  => deu
   "/md-records/md-record/publication/language";"el"  => ell
   "/md-records/md-record/publication/language";"en"  => eng
   "/md-records/md-record/publication/language";"es"  => spa
   "/md-records/md-record/publication/language";"fi"  => fin
   "/md-records/md-record/publication/language";"fr"  => fra
   "/md-records/md-record/publication/language";"it"  => ita
   "/md-records/md-record/publication/language";"ja"  => jpn
   "/md-records/md-record/publication/language";"ko"  => kor
   "/md-records/md-record/publication/language";"ne"  => nep
   "/md-records/md-record/publication/language";"nl"  => nld
   "/md-records/md-record/publication/language";"pl"  => pol
   "/md-records/md-record/publication/language";"pt"  => por
   "/md-records/md-record/publication/language";"zh"  => zho

Note: language code stays as three-letter, as this is in any case externally managed identifier