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This page contains an overview about past events in 2008.

Here you can have a look at current and future events in 2009.

April 2008

2008-04-21/23: XXXI. Librarian Meeting of the Max Planck Society in Jena

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A pdfPortable Document Format-version of the slides from the CoLabCollaboration Laboratory workshop held at the Librarian Meeting is available here.

May 2008

2008-05-09: E-Book-Workshop in Munich


June 2008

2008-06-09/10: eSciDoc Days 2008 in Berlin

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2008-06-19/20: eScience Seminar on Aspects of Longterm Archiving in Göttingen

Further information: eScience Seminar 2008 and

September 2008

2008-09-18/19: Offener Helmholtz Workshop zum Umgang mit Forschungsdaten in Bremen

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2008-09-22/26: International Conference on Dublin Core and Metadata Applications in Berlin

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October 2008

2008-10-08: MPG-OAOpen Access-Net-Day in Berlin

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2008-10-09/10: Open Access Days in Berlin

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2008-10-13/14: Library Meeting of the MPS Physics and Technology Section in Dresden

Taking place at the Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids.

2008-10-14/15: eScience Seminar on Metadata Infrastructures in Berlin

2008-10-15: Visit of Dr. Horst Nasko, Heinz-Nixdorf Stiftung

Dr. Nasko, vice-chairman of the Heinz-Nixdorf Foundation, visits the MPDLMax Planck Digital Library in Munich. The Heinz-Nixdorf Foundation has been funding the previous MPGMax-Planck-Gesellschaft project ZIM (i.e. Heinz Nixdorf Zentrum fuer Informationsmanagement) since 2001, and is currently funding the MPDLMax Planck Digital Library.

2008-10-22/23: Web of Data Practitioners Days in Vienna

Organization: University of Vienna, Joanneum Research, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Semantic Technology Institute (STI) Innsbruck

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November 2008

2008-11-05/06: MPGMax-Planck-Gesellschaft PubManPublication Management Days in Berlin

Further information PubMan Days 2008

2008-11-11/13: Berlin6 Conference in Duesseldorf

Changing Scholarly Communication in the Knowledge Society
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2008-11-14: MPDLMax Planck Digital Library Colloquium

Taking place at the Max Planck Digital Library with

  • Rick Luce (Vice Provost and Director of Libraries, Emory University, Atlanta): The challenge of eScienceEnhanced Science and Open Access
  • Zhang Xiaolin (Executive Director of the National Science Library of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing): Digital Library Developments at the Chinese Academy of Sciences

2008-11-17/18: Library Meeting of the MPSMax Planck Society Biology and Medicine Section in Dresden

Taking place at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics.
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2008-11-17/18: Library Meeting of the MPSMax Planck Society Human Sciences Section in Hamburg

Taking place at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law.
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2008-11-18/20: 25. IT-Meeting of the MPS in Göttingen - "Diversität der Ideen 2.0" -

This is 25th Aniversary of this MPSMax Planck Society-Event (in german: DV-Treffen der MPGMax-Planck-Gesellschaft). Therefore it is expected to be a "Don't dare miss it!!".
MPDLMax Planck Digital Library Development team will give an eSciDocEnhanced Scientific Documentation Hands-On workshop, see workshop details
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