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Below you find the list of topics of the eScience Seminar Series 2008. For more information please visit the official eScience Seminar Website:


  • Unique and persistent identifiers, 27/28 March 2008
    • Responsible for contents: Daan Broeder (MPI Nijmegen) and Malte Dreyer (MPDL)
    • Background: An increasing number of scientists uses the internet to link between primary and secondary resources, as well as publications for various reasons. The corresponding (considerable) investments have to be protected by keeping those links unique and persistent, unlike the widely used URLs.
    • Goal: The seminar will discuss suggestions for a stable mechanism for referencing sources persistently and will work out corresponding strategic measures for the Max Planck Society.
    • Place: RZG München
  • Aspects of long term archiving, 19/20 June 2008
    • Responsible for contents: Wolfgang Voges (MPI Garching) and Dagmar Ullrich (GWDG)
    • Goal: Based on the gain in experience in previous years of the GWDG and the RZG in offering services for bitstream preservation and the awareness of the need for open archivable formats, strategies for long term archiving in the Max Planck Society will be developed. Furthermore, future service offers and suggestions for file formats and metadata will be discussed, and organisatorial responsibilities within the life-cycle management of data (format migration, access strategies) within the Max Planck Society will be clarified.
    • Place: GWDG Göttingen
  • Metadata infrastructures, 14/15 October 2008 (date was changed from 23/24 October)
    • Responsible for contents: Traugott Koch (MPDL) and Peter Wittenburg (MPI Nijmegen)
    • Background: All Max Planck Institutes have to cope with the management of an increasing amount of data and its storage for at least 10 years. Metadata descriptions are essential to the solution of the management problem. Metadata can also be used to support resource discovery, to perform scientific data-mining and to generate virtual collections.
    • Goal: The seminar will present and discuss the role of metadata in the context of management, use and reuse of scientific data (e-Science). Presenters from ongoing large international e-Science projects will describe issues, experiences, problems and solutions. International and German experts will talk about standard-developing efforts regarding necessary infrastructure components and demonstrate feasible methodologies , i.e. metadata application profiles, linking between datasets and publications, treatment of aggregations of web resources. Presentations from MPI's are intended to document metadata related needs and experiences and to further the discussion on cooperation and a strategy for future work in the MPG.
    • Place: Harnack House, Berlin
Please contribute to the preparation of this seminar on it's special CoLab page.

The flyer of the seminar series is available for download: Media:EScience2008_Flyer.pdf‎, and the poster can be downloaded as well: Media:EScience_PosterA2.pdf.‎

If you have other topics which you would suggest or if you would like to suggest priorities etc, please, add your comments to this forum. A more exhaustive list of possible topics can be found in the Themennet.

Results of the eScience Seminars 2008[edit]

For detailed results and the slides of the oral contributions please visit the links provided below: