ESciDoc Committer Meeting 2009-10-20

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Date: 20.10.2009 Start time: 14:30

Location: Karlsruhe, München (Video conference or TelCo)

Participants MPDL: Natasa Bulatovic, Michael Franke

Participants FIZ: Steffen Wagner, Frank Schwichtenberg, Michael Hoppe, Matthias Razum, Harald Kappus

Previous committer meeting

Next committer meetings


exchange staff and know-how[edit]

Agreed: in general the process has to be open and not only via emails. Colab and/or mailing lists may be used for all participants.



  • see Admin Tool Ideas page


  • brainstorm first steps
  • Authorization issues
  • Performance issues


Define/distinguish between:

  • caching of data to produce long lists
  • searching/filtering with authorization
  • check technical requirements again
    • performance
    • number of items neccessary at once
      • streaming options for large lists

Wiki, Blog[edit]


  • would be good by end of the year
  • hyperspace is interesting application, will be checked and structure can be agreed

Migration of Containers[edit]


  • Input: ESCIDOC_RELS_EXT is managed content
  • migration of current containers (MPDL): fine to migrate last version only
  • check with other users
  • New requirement: purging of versions (new requirement)
    • background: as there would be many files, for each new version of the container created in the filesystem
      • may not be storage space issue, but backup issue
      • proposal: to implement purging of versions (up to a selected version, based on user decision) (released versions can not be purged)

Content Model[edit]

  • migration for PubMan needed


  • current solutions are not affected with the content model modifications
  • stylesheets for cmodels can be defined in cmodels (or referenced in cmodels)
  • MPDL has all different types of items/containers created with different content models (no migration problem)

Other 1.2 Changes[edit]


  • Schema changes
  • new methods
  • filters (additional CQL-based interfaces)
  • changes to the DB cache require a new DB schema

Follow up Topics of Meeting München[edit]

  • no discussion this week

Fundamental changes[edit]

  1. merge representations of REST and SOAP
    (see Committer_Meeting_2009-10-13)
  2. Replace atomistic model for Items/Components with compound model and RELS-INT
  3. dropping SOAP?
  4. Drop latest-version section from object representation
    (see Committer_Meeting_2009-10-13)
  5. set title directly
    (see Committer_Meeting_2009-10-13)
  • Replace DB-Cache with asynchronous Lucene Index and/or Object Database
  • synchronous Lucene Index
  • Persistent data objects in rel. DB
  • Remove mapping of "escidoc" MD-record to DC record in Components
  • Get rid of content-model-specific properties


  • Search and administrative search
  • Admin Tools development
  • Large sets of data ingest
    • how to avoid downtime to recache and reindexing
  • Trying to add/remove members to a very large container fails with 500 Internal eSciDoc System Error
    • in Work


  • Alignment of tools and processes (e.g., Maven)
  • Improved and harmonized communication of eSciDoc
  • eSciDoc Blog
  • service names and classification
  • service-architecture board
  • documentation of services
  • installation guides
  • eSciDoc Lab: Colab page gathering experimental modules
  • Exchange of staff members for specific developments or share development


  • short-term 6 months

Long term issues[edit]

Release 1.2[edit]

  • a first release candidate is scheduled for mid of october

PubMan clean-Up[edit]

  • beginning of november the MPDL-solutions (like PubMan, Faces,....) will run in the same JBoss as the core services


  • Info:next PubMan release (begin November) will run in same JBoss with core-service
    • current dev version can be downloaded and tried

Topics for joined development[edit]

  • start the two groups

eSciDoc Colab[edit]

  • domain-redirection for the eSciDoc-colab
  • set up the colab and move the eScoDoc pages from MPDL colab