ESciDoc Committer Meeting 2011-02-15

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Date: 15.02.2011
Start time: 14:30
End time: 15:30

Location: Karlsruhe, München
Participants MPDL: Natasa Bulatovic, Wilhelm Frank, Michael Franke
Participants FIZ: Frank Schwichtenberg, Michael Hoppe, Steffen Wagner, Harald Kappus

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Current issues with production system[edit]

  • How to accelerate indexing?
  • Unstable item calls
  • Wrong message after incremental reindex?
  • PDF indexing
  • Issues with 3 Server Architecture

1.3 Beta release[edit]

  • feedback

1.2 Bug Fix release[edit]

  • PID - issue resolution
    • still open

postgres connections[edit]

  • feedback to patched version

future topics[edit]

  • scalability/load tests environment (14.12.10)
    • partnering in setting-up such tests can be set-up as soon as we have environment defined
    • MPDL may have some free resources for setting up such environment next year
  • On Behalf-of deposit (14.12.10)
  • eSciDoc-Colab Page setup
  • installation guides


VidCo: ip ISDN 089.38602-595
TelCo: ISDN 089.38602-213
phone: Natasa 089.38602-223