Imeji Community Meeting 24.04.2012

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Time: 11Uhr - 12.30Uhr


Participants: Bastien, Marco, Friederike, Karsten, Jörg and Hai


  • Any news on Meta-Image Day, meeting with CMS?
    • Meta-Image Day - Mittwoch, 30.05.12, Mediathek im Grimm-Zentrum Berlin, 10:00 - 16:30 Uhr

Schedule will follow soon.

  • Karsten will contact cms for meeting at 29. or 31. may
    • meeting is postponed to a different date

  • CARPET - Community for Academic Reviewing, Publishing and Editorial Technology
    • Edit / update imeji entry / imeji description / login for imeji-community -- Rike will update the page

Feature Liste[edit]

  • Wie wollen wir vorgehen
    • Vorschlag, alle anforderungen als tasks formulieren und ins issue tracking eintragen
    • Task können schonmal auf Machbarkeit überprüft und kommentiert werden
    • Später gemeinsames meeting um priorität, milestone und person für tasks festzulegen

Will be done this way, Jörg and Karsten will translate the feature list and then enter to git issue system



  • imeji test collection will be stored in Karstens public dropbox
  • Issues for git
    • zip-export for collections and albums
    • create an rss-feed for imeji / community related news only
  • To close issue tickets in git please send request to MPDL
    • MPDL looks for better solution to organize collaborative work in git
  • FDS needs to be released
  • Bastien will send code convention most likely very soon ;)
  • GUI component stuff will stay in svn (not git)
    • Next GUI meeting asap - probably 1st week of May
  • Technische Abteilung HU is interested in CoNE
  • Next hangout meeting: Imeji Community Meeting 23.05.2012
  • Topics:
    • Discuss git-issues
      • Feature priorities for the first official imeji release version
      • Allocation of responsibilities