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1st Groupware Meeting, MPDL Provision/Wacker Group/Administration & General Services

Kick Off 02 of December, 14:00


  • MPDL: Monika Nisslein (PR/Berichtswesen), Günter Schönfeld (Information Provision), Rupert Kiefl (R&D)
  • Wacker: Luisa Demant
  • Administration & General Services: Philip Rautenberg, Ronny Lauenstein


Status Quo[edit]

The current groupware solution is unsufficient. Apart from simple calendar functionality it doesn't cover basic needs of groupware acitvities. The application is also outdated. A group of members has been joined to gather requirements, evaluate solutions and drive a setup of new groupware functionality.

Groupware functionality goes beyond bare calendar funktionality and may cover:

  • Contacs
  • Tasks
  • Date planning
  • Webmail
  • File access

First basic Requirements[edit]

Requirements should be collected in one common place to provide all participants with a clear picture of findings. The following bullet points are a first rough collection only. A more precise and generic overview is forthcoming.


- Easy access to calendars on different places - Access to support and help - Client support (Thunderbird, ...)


- Extended contacts management - Client support (Thunderbird, ...)


- Current calendar functionalit is a 'must' - Privacy - Roles - Client support (Thunderbird, ...) - Mobile file access

Open Questions[edit]

Who supports/trains/helps users with a new solution? Proposal: Units may have a groupware responsible. (Additional effort!)

Is the team complete? Who else needs to be involved? Proposal: Secretaries as heavy useres need to be interviewed.

How can the heterogenous hardware zoo get support (syncronised)? (iPhone, Android, WiMo, RIM, Lightning, Outlook, Evolution, ...) Proposal: IT just provides one or more protocols (syncML, exchange, ...). (User with unknown devices should care for their own!) Proposal: IT should just documents working solutions for one or two devices but is not 'responsible'.

What is needed at first as a 'must'? Proposal: Define two Steps (starting with basics, addons and 'shoulds' later)

Next Steps[edit]

Requirements need to be collected transparently (Work in progress). Next Meeting is scheduled:

10.01.2011 14:00

Source Table is here (Open Office Format):