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In this project we suggest to define and implement layers to achieve an integration and interoperability between the eSciDoc and LAMUS repository systems. At first it is intended to exchange information at metadata and at content package level. When this has been done, other steps could be designed.

The proposed integration work will have two aims:

  • it will allow to exchange data between the eSciDoc and LAMUS repositories when necessary
  • it will be a test case for an integration involving eSciDoc; the experience and components could be used for other integration projects

Responsible for the project[edit]

  • Daan Broeder (MPIPL, Nijmegen)
  • Malte Dreyer (MPDL, München)


The project was approved by the Executive Committee of the Max Planck Society in March 2008.

The deliverable describing the LAMUS content structure is available although further information will be added to it as the project progresses.


The development page can be found here (access to project members only).