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Current Resources[edit]

Status: The current implementation does not assume manual additions of journal records directly via CONE, but an automatic ingestion from the SFX knowledge base only. Therefore, the SFX-ID has been used as primary identifier by CONE so far, but this proves to be no reliable solution, e.b. because SFX-IDs are maintained by ExLibris' team only (-> Not all journals will have an SFX-ID already - because they are too new, etc.)


An ID other than SFX should be used as unique ID, as it is not possible to find out SFX-IDs for journal names, which one wants to add. Maybe we can use own IDs like for persons or the ZDB-ID? --Nicole and Karin

I agree, SFX-ID should not be used. We chose SFX because in our initial datasets this was the identifier that was best populated, compared to ISSN. But what else? If we took our own ID we would not have "Control of Named Entities" anymore, just "Named Entities". --MFranke
Please note that the use cases below assume that the "authority" is represented by a special set of pubman users - which could be an argument for following Natasa's proposal below (local identifiers, records extended by authoritative data) --Inga 16:16, 14 April 2009 (UTC)
Please consider that NIMS has high interest in contributing to quality to the journal data, but they do not have any SFX service they could use. I am therefore not sure, if it is good idea to bind the "quality management", i.e the authorisation of entries, to SFX. Still, to offer SFX as optional "quality check" might be of good use at least in MPG. --Ulla
Can we use ZDB-ID instead maybe? This is at least easier to find out than SFX :-). Inga, is ZDB-ID unique? We only have to think about what to do if there is not ZDB-ID. --Nicole 15:41, 14 April 2009 (UTC)
I guess you may run into similar problems with the ZDB-ID as well, i.e. the registry is controlled by an external authority and new journals may not necessarily be available in the moment they are required. I'm not sure how well Japanese titles are covered as well. But, the ZDB-ID is available in a range of systems (incl. EZB) - which may be a big pro.
Additional note: If it's only a "usability problem" with retrieving the SFX-ID: I could add it to the sfx menu as an intermediate solution, e.g. example - or a bit more hidden ;) --Inga 17:08, 14 April 2009 (UTC)

Uniqueness of SFX-ID[edit]

SFX-ID is not unique as you can see here

Ya, I do remember that Natasa informed me about this occurrences long time ago, but I never found the time to follow-up in detail. After checking the incident today, I believe that my lookup-up script may have been confused by SFX-IDs of "relatedObjects" (a feature which have been introduced to the SFX KB in beginning of 2008). For the example above, following SFX-IDs would be correct
... and both objects are related to "Verhandlungen der deutschen Zoologen" with SFX-ID 110975506069213. Sorry! --Inga 15:10, 14 April 2009 (UTC)

How to retrieve an SFX-ID for a journal?[edit]

Technically it is already possible to add new entries. To retrieve the SFX-ID you may either

  • search for the journal title via MPG/SFX citation linker. The source code of the corresponding SFX menu includes the object-id, e.g.
'rft.object_id' => '954925427230'
  • request the SFX API. The context object hash includes the element
<item key="rft.object_id">954925578060</item>

Important Notice: several object identifiers may be listed for one request due to "relatedObject" feature (see examples above)

Questions for service implementation and data[edit]

Michael, Natasa--Natasa 16:40, 27 August 2008 (UTC)

    • would it be OK to autosuggest only journals that have SFX-ID
    • suggested list to contain SFX-ID and edoc journal name (as it is normalized)
    • TEST TO TRY:

1) lucene index compound from searchable fields 2) add special triple for autosuggest results for each journal 3) each journal contains regularly metadata as defined

    • if new journals are added must / can they always acquire SFX-ID? If needed, HOW? e.g. send first to SFX, get back jouID, then assign real ID


Growing index[edit]

Status: in specification

Schedule: tbd

  • Journals can have one or more identifiers (same as persons)
  • Main identifier can be SFX identifier or CoNe identifier (switch at a certain point of time)
  • each new Journal entry, if not selected from a list has a growing (local Id)

Edit journal details[edit]

Status: in specification

Schedule: tbd

  • Auhtorized user can edit/update journal details
  • Look-up services to external sources are provided (e.g. SFX, EZB, ZDB), based on provided ID
    • authorizing it may mean some integration with SFX/ZDB, e.g. by obtaining an SFX-ID via SFX API or ZDB z39.50 interface
    • authorizing it may mean actually even relating it to an existing SFX-ID in Cone (e.g. name alternatives )?
  1. the identifier metadata on the publication will not be changed, some interfaces changes though would be required for Cone service.

Another alternative, which would be a bit more heavy would be to:

  1. allow only authorized journal entries in the metadata
  2. have "journal entry user" who will take requests for new journal entries
  3. enter somehow in SFX-ID (that is if any SFX integration would be possible)
  4. Only afterwards modify the submission (or enable some automated utility for update of journal identifiers)

Batch update journal details[edit]

Status: in specification

Schedule: tbd

  • SFX will be main source for regular (e.g. yearly) updates
    • other sources optional
  • provide automated queries from CoNe to SFX Knowledge Base for new/modified SFX entries
  • Normalisation needs to be automated (was previosly done manually)

Before writing detailed functional specification, please check here!!

Potential Resources[edit]

Additional external resoures for journal and series names:


Name of service Scope Info Formats supported Interfaces Costs Access
Zeitschriftendatenbank (ZDB) ca. 1,3 mio records Introduction MAB2, UNIMARC, SUTRS Z39.50 It has to be clarified with the GWDG if a tailored version of the ZDB (only listing MPG licensed journals) is available.
ISSN Register 1.284.413 records (2006) MARC21, UNIMARC Z39.50 costs Access via the ISSN portal or Z39.50 or via a combined web access Z39.50 and ISSN portal


There is no decision yet, how/if to include the right statement. See Discussion on rights statement
Name of service Scope Info Formats supported Interfaces Costs Access

Publishers copyright policies&self-archiving

340 publishers (July 2007) XML Prototype API Conditions of re-use Prototype API
Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) 2.987 journals, 164.284 articles (5th of December 2007) XML OAI-PMH Conditions of re-use OAI-PMH

Related information[edit]

RDF schema:

This looks quite comprehensive and we just need a small subset . After 10 minutes analyzing the schema, I'm not sure how the identifiers are further encoded (ISSNURL?). My vote: too complex, reduce it to minimum? --Inga 16:47, 29 November 2007 (CET)