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CoLab TWR Portal
The KIM Technology Watch Report (TWR) publishes news items and overview articles about relevant standards and developments in the field of metadata and interoperability. Contributions to the TWR can be in German and English and cover the technical aspect of interoperability, e.g. identifiers, data models, metadata vocabularies, formats, semantic web and document languages, but also their organizational and practical aspects, e.g. standardization initiatives, tools and innovative approaches from various fields, like web harvesting or long-term preservation.

The Technology Watch Report (TWR) is a joint activity with the "Kompetenzzentrum Interoperable Metadaten" (KIM) and the DINI-Working-Group "Internationale Standardisierung in der digitalen Informationsbeschaffung" (DINI-AG Standards ).

For questions and comments, please contact Traugott Koch.

Are you a TWR author or editor? Then you may be looking for the Internal TWR Wiki. There you can find also the Author's Guidelines for the TWR.

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TWR 2007

The 2007 Technology Watch Report is available here. It covers the following topics:

  • Applications
  • File formats
  • Data models
  • Identifiers
  • Markup languages
  • Metadata formats
  • Projects
  • Protocols & interfaces
  • Rule bases
  • Semantic Web
  • Standardization groups
  • Meetings, conferences & dates
TWR Blog and Internal Wiki
  • The TWR Blog
From now on all new TWR articles will be published in the TWR Blog. This blog is just being created.
  • The TWR Wiki
The TWR Authors collaboratively write the upcoming TWR articles in the TWR Wiki.
The TWR Wiki is a subwiki to the CoLab Wiki and only partly open to the public because it contains mainly manuscripts in preparation. Access to the ongoing work is restricted to authors and editors of the TWR. People who are no registered editors or authors can only access the pages Main Page and Purpose as well as the Author's Guidelines. If you would like to apply as an author, please contact Traugott Koch.

Public information on the TWR will always be available in this TWR Portal and in the upcoming TWR Blog.

Information on Standards in CoLab

Apart from the information on standards provided by the internal TWR Wiki and the public TWR Blog you can find the following Information on File formats / Encoding formats and Information on Metadata formats in the CoLab wiki:

For related topics and a systematic overview on standards in CoLab see also Category:Standards.