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PubManPublication Management Community

The development and deployment of PubManPublication Management, as any other eSciDoc solution, is based on a community-driven approach. Early Adopters and Pilot institutes from the MPGMax-Planck-Gesellschaft have been closely involved in software development and deployment concepts until the first milestone in May 2009: PubManPublication Management was deployed as productive system, including the basic functionalities, policies and support concepts.

The current PubManPublication Management User community is open to any interested/current user, who would like to be informed about ongoing development and projects around PubManPublication Management. You can join the community by subscribing to our pubman-users mailing list.

You want to deploy PubManPublication Management on your own or reuse services? Have a look at the source code descriptions and join the developer community by subscribing to our escidoc developer list

PubManPublication Management Early Adopters

Early Adopters are institutes, which have a vital interest in using the software for their purposes. They are also the first candidates for migration from the current MPGMax-Planck-Gesellschaft institutional repository eDoc and productive deployment.

The current Early Adopters are:

Early Adopters can find further information here (access restricted page).

PubManPublication Management Pilots

The PubManPublication Management pilot group serves as a kind of advisory board for PubManPublication Management.

The pilot group consists of the following institutes:

  • MPIMax-Planck-Institut for Plasmaphysics
  • MPIMax-Planck-Institut for Informatics
  • MPIMax-Planck-Institut for Gravitational Physics
  • MPIMax-Planck-Institut for molecular Genetics
  • Fritz Haber Institute
  • MPIMax-Planck-Institut for the Physics of Complex Systems
  • MPIMax-Planck-Institut for Chemical Ecology

PubManPublication Management Pilots can find further information here (access restricted page).

MPGMax-Planck-Gesellschaft PubManPublication Management Communitiy Contacts

To find contact persons in the Pubman MPGMax-Planck-Gesellschaft community got to the following page.

Discipline-specific extensions

  • Linguistic Literature - a cooperative project which delivers personalized collections within the linguistic genre and enables access to it and referencing parts of fulltexts.
  • Jus CMS - an extension of PubManPublication Management which requires discipline-specific aspects of data entry, depending on discipline-specific metadata and content types, as well as configurable citation styles based on juristic standards.
  • Within the §137-L Project PubMan is used for long-term-archiving of publications between 1966 and 1994, for which the authors have granted "merge right" to the MPDLMax Planck Digital Library.
  • At the National Institute for Material Sciences (NIMS), Japan PubManPublication Management is applied in the administration of researcher portfolios (Author IDIdentifier), statistics and internationalization.

Other interested institutes

There are more and more interested institutions, which have test accounts for their institute on PubManPublication Management. If you also want to have a personalized user account, please contact the PubMan Support Team.