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eSciDocEnhanced Scientific Documentation Solutions
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eSciDocEnhanced Scientific Documentation Solutions

Solutions are e-Science applications based on the eSciDocEnhanced Scientific Documentation infrastructure.

  • Solutions follow a user-centered development, by close cooperation with pilots and partners from the institutes.
  • They benefit of the service-oriented architecture used by the eSciDocEnhanced Scientific Documentation infrastructure, by integrating different services to support the discipline-specific usage scenario
  • Solutions are based on the eSciDocEnhanced Scientific Documentation framework and are developed to satisfy the needs of particular institutes. However, care is taken that the solutions generalize and also strengthen the common framework. At this point of time, preference is given to solutions with a strong contribution to the general framework.
  • For optimal re-use, they have customizable workflows and graphical user interfaces (local branding)

Based on heterogeneous digital objects stored in a common infrastructure, we are currently working on following solutions:

PubMan - Publication Management

A solution designed to address the management, the dissemination and the long-term archiving of publication data of a research organisation. Publication data in this context refer to formal/informal publications, grey literature and supplementary material.

Institutes involved in development:
Fritz-Haber-Institut, MPIMax-Planck-Institut Plasmaphysik, MPIMax-Planck-Institut Informatik, MPIMax-Planck-Institut Gravitationsphysik, MPIMax-Planck-Institut Physik komplexer Systeme, MPIMax-Planck-Institut chemische Oekologie, MPIMax-Planck-Institut molekulare Genetik, MPIMax-Planck-Institut Psycholinguistik


The solution provides publication of a collection of photographs of human emotions by different facial expressions. The respective mark-up of the data enables comparative analysis, e.g. by gender, age and emotion expressed.

The solution might be of interest to any institute which is maintaining collections of pictures/images.

Institutes involved in development:
MPIMax-Planck-Institut Bildungsforschung

ViRR - Virtueller Raum Reichsrecht

The solution provides a virtual collection of the legislation in the historical period of the "Heiliges Römisches Reich Deutscher Nation" (Sacrum Romanum Imperium). It focuses on integration of full texts in library catalogues, links to relevant scientific literature as well as semantic indexing of the content.

The solution might be of interest to any institute which needs to handle digitized collections of books and other print material.

Institutes involved in development:
MPIMax-Planck-Institut Europaeische Rechtsgeschichte

eSciDoc Admin

The solution manages resources of the following kinds:

  • Organizational Units, abbreviated ou,
  • Contexts, abbreviated ctx,
  • User Accounts (and Grants), subsumed under aa (for authentication and authorization).


An eSciDocEnhanced Scientific Documentation application to manage images together with their specific metadata

  • create and share own image collections and albums
  • distinct metadata profile can be defined for each collection
  • complex queries and faceted display of search results