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Namespace Changes

What has changed?

  • event, source, organization, person are handled als "profiles" now (as it is already in colab) the same way like publication and the schema definitions are in separate files
  • enums have an own namespace (see below)
  • all elements under publication, event, source, person, organization, file (not elements from external schemas like dc, dcterms) are in the same NS


  • every profile needs an own namespace for versioning reasons
  • some properties/terms (e.g. publishing-info) occurred in different namespaces (error-prone)
  • better reuse of properties/terms in diffenerent profiles if there is one common namespace for all terms


  • alle schemas for pubman are finished
  • collection and image are under rework now (some types have to be renamed or merged with pubman types)
  • XSLTs are updated, namespace placeholders have to be synchronized with pom
  • see Checklist_for_Metadata_Changes for all required updates




Vocabulary Encoding Schemes

Schema Locations

Other changes

  • organization looks like the following example:

			<dc:title xml:lang="fr">Department of Physics, University of California</dc:title>
			<eterms:address>Berkeley, CA 94720, USA</eterms:address>
			<dc:identifier xsi:type="eidt:ESCIDOC">P4711</dc:identifier>

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