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This page shall give a quick and easy overview of the eSciDoc system in a top down manner. Starting from abstract concepts and basic requirements to the service-oriented architecture and finally the pure Java source code. The eSciDoc Project is developed by the MPDL and FIZ Karlsruhe. FIZ Karlsruhe is responsible for the core functionality, while the MPDL concentrates on the useable solutions on top of the core functionality.


An overview of these solutions can be found on the eSciDoc Solutions summary page. From here you can easily reach the PubMan Portal Page, which provide you with information about the Publication Management system (PubMan). Here you will find interesting pages about PubMan scenarios, use cases and an online demo system.

CoNE Information

The eSciDoc project page of FIZ Karlsruhe is located here.

Graphical User Interfaces[edit]

The user interface portal about prototyping, evaluation, pattern creation and development can be found here here

GUI Style Guide


Data Model

The eSciDoc infrastructure data model is based on the eSciDoc logical data model. Solutions specialize this data model for their purpose.

SOA Concept

To get deeper in touch with the eSciDoc system concerning infastructure, services and solutions, these pages gives a good impression:

Software Design

The Coreservice interfaces documentation can be found here.

The PubMan software design is documented with the tool Enterprise Architect. An HTML export of the component and class diagrams in UML can be downloaded here.

These are the descriptions for the service interfaces

Source code documentation[edit]

Maven is used to automatically create all types of documentation of the source code. Use these links to jump directly to the project site:

From here you can navigate through all interesting reports. Some interesting reports are (Examples just for module pubman_presentation, others work similar):