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How to make escidoc solutions reusable?[edit]

Currently, our solutions cannot be reused other than forking the projects because there are project-specifics in the source code as opposed to in configuration only.

This page may serve as a place to collect issues about what should be configurable.


The distinction between source code and configuration is understood as the distinction between what can be edited by a user (for a particular installation of a solution) and what comes with the solution package (of course a default configuration can be included in the package).

Obviously, there are more ways to extend the reusability of a solution, e.g. by providing a plugin mechanism.


Naming convention[edit]

Project-specifics should not be part of the software. Thus, the names of MPDL projects like virr and faces should not be used as package/file/any names in the solutions developed to address the project's software needs.


  • Picture Management (according to Publication Management), short PicMan --Kristina 16:15, 27 January 2009 (UTC)
  • DIOM - Digitized Images Online Management
  • DIFE - Digitized Images for E-science
  • OINK - Online Image Navigation Kit
  • SCORPIO - SCientific Online Repository for Picture and Illustration Organization / SCientific Online Repository for Picture Interpretation and Organization
  • SCORPION - SCientific Online Repository for Pictural and Illustrational Object Navigation
  • DIMeS : Digital Image Management for eScience
  • IDEA: Image Digitization, Editing and Archiving (nice as well: The e-Science IDEA)
Image Digitization, Enhancement and Archiving


  • DROMEDAR: Digitized Resources - Online Management, EDiting And Retrieval
  • DEGERO: Digitized Editions of GEneric Resources Online

Configuring the user interface[edit]

  • themes/skins
  • mechanism to detect user supplied themes

Configurable GUI Tools[edit]

  • Topic started already while ago, architectural changes are necessary. Not certain indeed if it belongs to this discussion
    • Browsing tools
    • Searching tools
    • Metadata editing tools