ESciDoc Committer Meeting 2009-11-24

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Date: 24.11.2009 Start time: 14:30

Location: Karlsruhe, München (Video conference or TelCo)

Participants MPDL: Natasa Bulatovic, Wilhelm Frank

Participants FIZ: Steffen Wagner, Frank Schwichtenberg, Dr. Michael Hoppe, André Schenk, Harald Kappus

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Local-administrator role[edit]

  • at present local-administrator role is limited to a context
  • we need a role of "local administrator" which is limited to based on the OU
  • the current functionalities are to be supported and restricted based on the OU of the user-account granted with this role
    • create/modify/de-activate/activate user accounts (if user-acount has OU in same OrgPath as user-admin-account OU)
    • grant local-administrator or user-group administrator rights (if user to whom the role is grante has OU in same orgpath as local-admin-account OU)
    • create/modify/... org units (if in same orgpath as local-admin-account OU..)
    • create/modify/ contexts (if OU of responsible org-units in same orgpath as local-admin-account OU..)
  • Note: same "OrgPath" means the same OU and any child OU below the OU of the user-account


  • rule: Local admins can only administrate the OU-restricted users
  • FIZ will check what can be done easily and will communicate
  • role: OU-Administrator will be created
    • this role will be the local-administrator user

Migration and Tests[edit]

  • are you testing v1.2 (without migration), we need feedback from you soon
  • does V1.2 work with PubMan (with new installation of infrastructur)
  • the testdata can't be migrated to v1.2 final
  • V1.1 DB-Dump to FIZ for Migrationstests


  • MPDL informed that 1.2 passed all tests
  • MPDL did not tested PubMan yet - will be tested
  • MPDL tested existing functionality (all fine as it was)
  • by end of the week possible switch of new PubMan development to 1.2

PubMan Changes[edit]

  • CleanUp release
  • Metadata release
  • release works with V1.2 infrastructur?
  • release date
  • PubMan and Infrastructur in same JBoss

same JBoss with Infrastructur[edit]

  • VIRR
  • VIRR, FACES, PubMan, Infrastructur all together
  • Download links


  • each solution separately can run under same JBoss with the coreservices
  • at present it is not possible to run all solutions under same JBoss
  • download links for Virr and Faces are not published
    • it will take some time to get these download pages
    • by end of the year efforts to make them available
input after VidConf: not feasible according the current schedule--Natasa 16:40, 25 November 2009 (UTC)

Merging SOAP/REST representations[edit]


  • the representation is agreed

Cache and Administrative searches[edit]


  • can not be approached before 1.2 is closed

eSciDoc Admin Tool[edit]


  • can not be approached before 1.2 work is closed

Stable escidoc-core release 1.2[edit]


  • no information available at the moment, will be communicated later

escidoc-core Maintenance[edit]

  • Large sets of data ingest
    • how to avoid downtime to recache and reindexing


  • can be done with 1.2 without rebuilding the complete index and cache -- André The idea behind the new feature in 1.2 is to disable clearing the whole cache/index before refilling it. This avoids the situation that retrieving resource lists will give incomplete results because the cache is nearly empty. Nevertheless the rebuild process will iterate over all objects and some of the resources in the list will be outdated.

Performance issues[edit]

  • after ingestion of VIRR items (20.000 +), the performance of search requests is getting slower ...


  • performance issues are no longer present at the live-system
  • planned switching to the latest version of Lucene after 1.2

Repository ID namespaces[edit]

  • waiting for comments from mailing lists


  • Alignment of tools and processes (e.g., Maven)
  • Improved and harmonized communication of eSciDoc
  • eSciDoc Blog
  • service names and classification
  • service-architecture board
  • documentation of services
  • installation guides
  • eSciDoc Lab: Colab page gathering experimental modules
  • Exchange of staff members for specific developments or share development


  • short-term 6 months
    • MPDL
    • FIZ

Long term issues[edit]

eSciDoc Colab[edit]

  • domain-redirection for the eSciDoc-colab
  • set up the colab and move the eSciDoc pages from MPDL colab