ESciDoc Committer Meeting 2009-12-01

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Date: 01.12.2009 Start time: 14:30

Location: Karlsruhe, München (Video conference or TelCo)

Participants MPDL: Natasa Bulatovic, Wilhelm Frank

Participants FIZ: Dr. Michael Hoppe, Harald Kappus

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Stable escidoc-core release 1.2[edit]

  • depending on test results
  • are there more interface (xsd) changes?
  • container migration cross-checking again
  • questions on interface changes:
    • CModel changes:
      • do we have to modify all existing cmodels if DC transformation needs to be supported?
      • do we have to bring in exact list of metadata records in the cmodels?


  • pubMan new release will not be delivered on 1.2
  • container migration:
    • no need to be done manually anything, unless older versions need to be kept
  • CModel:
    • existing cmodel objects do not contain any data
      • migration will take care about the needed data modeification for the CModel
      • as long as we only use the identifiers of the CModel things are fine, no code is affected
  • no further interface changes are in, except those with the development version of 1.2

some security issues[edit]

  • privileged viewer vs. 1.1.4


  • release is nearly ready, only a decision is needed
  • will contain fix for 776 and additional fixes in the login-form and retrieve grants via REST, scan clause

Local Administrator - OU Administrator role[edit]

Discussion and outcome

  • OUAdmin role
    • input: it is not possible to create a user account with the OU in place (due to changes in 1.2)
  • Proposal&outcome - during discussion:
    • create new UserAdmin role
      • create/modify/de-activate/activate user accounts (if user-acount is created by user who created the user-account)
    • create new OUAdmin role
        • create/modify/... org units within a parent OU (given as a scope)
        • grant / revoke OUAdmin privs for OU with same scope
    • create 2 new roles ContextOwner, ContextAdmin
      • owner: create/modify/open/close contexts (all with own context)
      • admin: modify/open/close contexts for his scope
  • related to
    • will 1.2 support that users who created the context are able to grant privileges for this context as well?
    • same question applies to OUs
      • Outcome: created-by are supported for ctx and ous, not for users, some policies can be created already in 1.2

Migration and Tests[edit]

  • does V1.2 work with PubMan (with new installation of infrastructur)
    • not tested, initial integration tests passed
    • can not be properly tested with beta 1.2 by end of the year

PubMan Changes[edit]

  • CleanUp release
  • Metadata release
  • release works with V1.2 infrastructur?
  • release date of both releases
  • PubMan and Infrastructur in same JBoss


  • Alignment of tools and processes (e.g., Maven)
  • Improved and harmonized communication of eSciDoc
  • eSciDoc Blog
  • service names and classification
  • service-architecture board
  • documentation of services
  • installation guides
  • eSciDoc Lab: Colab page gathering experimental modules
  • Exchange of staff members for specific developments or share development


  • short-term 6 months
    • MPDL
    • FIZ

Long term issues[edit]

Download links for[edit]

  • VIRR
  • date ?

Cache and Administrative searches[edit]

eSciDoc Admin Tool[edit]

eSciDoc Colab[edit]

  • domain-redirection for the eSciDoc-colab
  • set up the colab and move the eSciDoc pages from MPDL colab