MPDL SvM Meeting 2009-03-26

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  • Created JIRA Task for introduction of new identifier types. Additional JIRA task deals with the adjustment of the current mappings to the new identifier types. Please check/update your mappings and comment in this task.--Friederike 09:25, 24 March 2009 (UTC)
  • Spec PubMan Look-Up Services
  • Spec PubMan Copyright
  • PubMan Help - Help??? ;)
  • Access Rights and Visibility
    • talk to rupert for gui changes

PubMan extensions[edit]


  • compilation of material about eSciDoc/PubMan architecture, webservices, interfaces, documentation etc.?


  • Checking R3.5 Prototype: can we move this to may (release will anyway be earliest mid of this year), as i do not think that i will have time to care about that right now.


  • persistent URLs necessary for R2.1?



  • Handover my work to whom? (I am on holiday kw 15,16,17) --Friederike 10:39, 25 March 2009 (UTC)
    • Will create 'Abwesenheitsnotiz' with virr and faces mailinglist
    • FACES: Probably nothing to do, as new development starts
    • VIRR: Person needed who will test (heavily) TOC edit interface and monitor release (end of april)