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CoLab Portal for PubMan

PubMan - a Solution for Publication Management: PubMan supports scientists and institutes in the management and the digital curation of their publications. This solution addresses all disciplines and focuses on the target groups of scientists, local librarians and local IT. Due to the heterogeneous policies, cultures and workflows of the Max Planck Institutes, customization and configuration options throughout the solution's features are of major importance.

With PubMan, the Max Planck Digital Library (MPDL) is developing a service-oriented, flexible-to-use institutional repository software. In 2009 the platform MPG.PuRe has been introduced at the first Max Planck Institute and by now it has replaced its predecessor eDoc as the Publication Repository of the Max Planck Society.

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PubMan Quick Start

You can have a look at the test installation with the latest release of PubMan.
In order to get a full overview on the PubMan functionalities, please log on to the system with the demo account we have created for this issue. User name is "demo" and the password is also "demo".

In our PuRe Blog you can catch up on recent PubMan/PuRe developments.

Functionalities / Concepts

PubMan Functionalities
Currently implemented PubMan Functionalities can be found here.

Basic Concepts
For proper design of the solution and its features and alignment with conditions applied to other services, you find here an overview of our basic functional concepts. Control of Named Entities - Collections and Organizational Units - Application Profiles

PubMan Support

Please visit our PubMan Support Page to find further information on PubMan and PubMan Community or if you need help working with PubMan.

You want to contact us directly? Feel free to email the PuRe Support Team!