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This page specifies the mapping from TEI xml to eSciDoc Publication Metadata as it will be used in the PEER Project.

A generic TEI mapping can be found here.

Format Name[edit]

Source: peer_tei
Target: escidoc-publication-item


This mapping bases on the P5 Guidelines.

TEI Element PubMan Metadata Set Attribute Description Misc
TEIHeader -- -- Wrapper
TEIHeader.fileDesc -- -- Wrapper, gathering the main characteristics of the document
TEIHeader.fileDesc.titleStmt -- -- Wrapper
TEIHeader.fileDesc.titleStmt.title If type = "main": Publication.Title
else: Publication.AlternativeTitle
level, type Parse out markup
TEIHeader.fileDesc.publicationStmt -- -- Wrapper, groups information concerning the publication or distribution of an electronic or other text
If a file is attached, add this information to the file metadata
TEIHeader.fileDesc.publicationStmt.availability dc:rights -- supplies information about the availability of a text, for example any restrictions on its use or distribution, its copyright status Mandatory dcterms:dateCopyrighted when Date of this publication statement, text
Only use this entry if the when attribute value is not given dcterms:dateCopyrighted when Date of this publication statement, value
TEIHeader.fileDesc.publicationStmt.authority add to dc:rights
Seperated by space in round brackets
-- supplies the name of a person or other agency responsible for making an electronic file available, other than a publisher or distributor.
Note: Only in brackets if availablity element is filled.
TEIHeader.fileDesc.sourceDesc -- -- Wrapper
TEIHeader.fileDesc.sourceDesc.biblStruct Publication set type type Wrapper
check type mapping
article as default
TEIHeader.fileDesc.sourceDesc.biblStruct.analytic -- -- Wrapper, the bibliographical characteristics of an article
TEIHeader.fileDesc.sourceDesc.biblStruct.analytic.title If type = "main": Publication.Title
else: Publication.AlternativeTitle
Note: Only map this if TEIHeader.fileDesc.titleStmt.title is empty
level, type Parse out markup Mandatory (type = "main") Publication.Creator set role = "Author" type [corresp] Wrapper.
type= corresp is main author. all authors without types are additional authors
Mandatory (type = "corresp") Publication.Creator.Person.FamilyName
Note: Only if is empty
-- Wrapper Mandatory Publication.Creator.Person.GivenName type [first, middle] Add middle name to first name. Publication.Creator.Person.FamilyName -- -- not mapped -- contains a name component which indicates that the referent has a particular role or position in society, such as an official title or rank Dr, Miss, M.Tech (degree) add to Publication.Creator.Person.FamilyName
Seperated from the family name by space
-- contains a connecting phrase or link used within a name but not regarded as part of it, such as van der or of add to Publication.Creator.Person.GivenName
seperated from the given name by comma
-- contains a name component like JR. not mapped -- contains notes like tel. number, fax number No distinct value -- -- Wrapper Mandatory Publication.Creator.Person.Organization.Name, Publication.Creator.Person.Organization.Identifier=<external organization identifier> type If orgName is not provided orgName= 'External Organization' <space> PersName.surname
Not sure why there is PersName.surname in here ??? --Friederike 14:42, 31 March 2010 (UTC) -- -- Wrapper add to Publication.Creator.Person.Organization.Adress
separated by space
-- City [3] seperated by space add to Publication.Creator.Person.Organization.Adress
separated by space
-- Postal Code [2] seperated by comma add to Publication.Creator.Person.Organization.Adress
separated by space
-- Country [4] seperated by comma, Expressed in conformance to ISO 3166-1-A2 (e.g. FR). Mandatory Publication.Creator.Person.Organization.Adress
separated by space
type Street [1] add to Publication.Creator.Person.Organization.Adress -- [5] seperated by space in round brackets
(Only brackets when previous adress is filled)
TEIHeader.fileDesc.sourceDesc.biblStruct.monogr -- -- Wrapper, the publication details of the journal
TEIHeader.fileDesc.sourceDesc.biblStruct.monogr.idno Publication.Source.Identifier type Check id mapping Mandatory (type = "ISSN")
TEIHeader.fileDesc.sourceDesc.biblStruct.monogr.title If type = "main": Publication.Source.Title
else: Publication.Source.AlternativeTitle
level, type -- Mandatory (type = "main")
TEIHeader.fileDesc.sourceDesc.biblStruct.monogr.title@level If level = "j": Publication.Source set type="journal"
level = "s": Publication.Source set type="Series"
level, type -- Mandatory (type = "main")
TEIHeader.fileDesc.sourceDesc.biblStruct.monogr.imprint -- -- Wrapper
TEIHeader.fileDesc.sourceDesc.biblStruct.monogr.imprint.pubPlace Publication.Source.PublishingInfo.Place -- --
TEIHeader.fileDesc.sourceDesc.biblStruct.monogr.imprint.publisher Publication.Source.PublishingInfo.Publisher -- -- Publication.Date.type type, when check date type mapping -- If date@type is empty: Publication.Date.type type, when -- Publication.Date type, when when: ISO 8601:2004, value Mandatory
TEIHeader.fileDesc.sourceDesc.biblStruct.monogr.imprint.biblScope Publication.Source.Volume type = "vol" -- Mandatory
TEIHeader.fileDesc.sourceDesc.biblStruct.monogr.imprint.biblScope Publication.Source.Issue type = "issue" -- Mandatory
TEIHeader.fileDesc.sourceDesc.biblStruct.monogr.imprint.biblScope Publication.Source.StartPage type = "fpage" -- Mandatory
TEIHeader.fileDesc.sourceDesc.biblStruct.monogr.imprint.biblScope Publication.Source.EndPage type = "lpage" -- Mandatory
TEIHeader.fileDesc.sourceDesc.biblStruct.monogr.imprint.biblScope Publication.TotalNumberOfPages type = "pp" number of page when the information about full pagination is not available
TEIHeader.fileDesc.sourceDesc.biblStruct.monogr.imprint.biblScope Publication.Source.SequenceNumber type = "elocation-id"
TEIHeader.fileDesc.sourceDesc.biblStruct.idno Publication.Identifier type Check id mapping Mandatory (type = "DOI")
TEIHeader.profileDesc -- -- Wrapper, providing some information about the content
TEIHeader.profileDesc.textClass -- -- Wrapper
TEIHeader.profileDesc.textClass.keywords -- -- Wrapper Mandatory
TEIHeader.profileDesc.textClass.keywords.list -- -- Wrapper
TEIHeader.profileDesc.textClass.keywords.list.head not mapped -- --
TEIHeader.profileDesc.textClass.keywords.list.item -- -- Wrapper
TEIHeader.profileDesc.textClass.keywords.list.item.term Publication.Subject.FreeKeywords -- Parse out markup
TEIHeader.profileDesc.langUsage -- -- Wrapper Mandatory
TEIHeader.profileDesc.langUsage.language@ident Publication.Language ident ISO 639-1
TEIHeader.revisionDesc -- -- Wrapper, provding the history of the document
TEIHeader.revisionDesc.change set Publication.Date type when Change comment, check date type mapping
TEIHeader.revisionDesc.change@when Publication.Date when when: ISO 8601:2004
text -- -- Wrapper
text.front -- -- --
text.front.div If type = "abstract": Publication.Abstract type Parse out markup
text.body.div Not mapped type The fulltext of an item
text.back.div Not mapped type Seem to be the references or footnotes from the full text

idno types mapping[edit]

idno type Pubman id type
DOI Type="dcterms:DOI"
ISSN Type="eidt:ISSN"
pmid Type="pmid"
pISSN Type="eidt:ISSN"
eISSN Type="eidt:ISSN"
prefix: (eISSN)
pii Type="pii"
all other Other
If type is given, use type as identifier prefix

biblStruct types (Genre) mapping[edit]

biblStruct type Pubman Genre
article Article
inproceeding Proceedings
inbook Book Item
book Book
thesis Thesis
report Report

change value, date type mapping[edit]

change/date Pubman date type
Received created
Revised modified
Accepted accepted
Registration not mapped
Online published online
Submitted submitted
publication published in print
Published published in print
ePublished published online

If dates of the same type are modelled twice, the most recent date will be mapped.

Note: This value can be found in the date type attribute or in the value of the date or change element 
<change when="2009-01-16">Revised</change> <change when="2009-01-28">Accepted</change> <date type="publication" when="2008-11-18"/> <date when="2008-11-08">Online</date> <date type="Accepted" when="2009-02-17"/>