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User Interface Evaluation

PubMan R2 Interviews
PubMan R3 Interviews

Expert Interviews

Berlin, 2008: Lists of Authors
Nijmegen, 2008: Easy Submission, ...
Munich, 2007: Short Item View


First a Workshop is prepared and planned (Status: Planned). After the results are disseminated you will see the workshop here in state 'Active'. Feel free to give your feedback and comment on the results using the discussion page.

Workshops 2008[edit]

Adding Lists of Authors[edit]

Place: MPDL: 10115 Berlin, Invalidenstr. 35, Head office
Date/Time: February 4th, 10:00 - 16:00
Status: Closed
  1. Introduction of team UIE
  2. Introduction into Workshops
  3. Briefing 1 Task 1, Briefing 2 Task 2
  4. Clustering of outcome
  5. Discussion of varieties
  6. Expectations and further proceedings

The workshop does not need to start from scratch. After the discussion at the pilot meeting there is a first approach available here: Providing Lists of Authors.

Summary of Workshop Results[edit]


Item status

  • Needs to be displayed in the short and medium list even if the select box shows a state - obviously the select box is not recognized by most of the participants

Actions menu

  • most participants regard the action menu as confusing - actions can be put to the item version view
  • delete should be separated from all other menu options to prevent deletion accidentally

View Item

  • View Item is regarded as redundant

Use as Template - New from template

  • The term 'new for template' caused irritations
  • Varieties for 'Use as Template': Store as Template, Mark as Template, Copy to Template
  • Varieties for 'New from template': Fetch Template Item, Copy from Item

General Application Layout[edit]


  • Participants can not distinguish between help (manual) and help (context) because both are part of a menu. Menus appear to be more general.
  • The context help should be part of the H1 Header again


  • All participants wanted tooltips

List View

  • Participants are asked for genre, but they all agreed to have a different understanding
  • Genre needs to be explained from the MPDL point of view: The expectation of all participants was that we should define what we understand by certain genres. After PubMan gives his definition of genre, they would be able to decide whether it fits their understanding
  • e.g. Article


  • It is not clear how the search is related to (workspace, general)
  • A workspace search was proposed (or should just be called 'restrict to workspace')

View Item by State

  • Drop down appears to be ok 2(drop down) : 1(checkbox) : 0(Radio)

Sort Item List

  • 3 drop down (with multiselect = +CTRL)

Providing Lists of Authors (Functional Prototype Submission)[edit]

  • Add Creator List
  • Rough Import Step1: The source media where creators are pasted from might be very different. Cut & paste is only the first most simple approach. It is only feasible for well structured lists.
  • Define Structure Step2: The user should be able to choose the delimiters or even a citation format between Name, Family Name and between Creators
  • Sorting Step3: Properly detected creators should be sortable afterwards
  • To handle creator in a list was seen as a good improvement for the next version

Remark: The idea of locating creators in a map view was suggested

  • Matching Creators to Affiliations
  • The list of organizations was seen as too long to do a fas manual mapping. The mapping should happen with a preselected organization list.

Remark: A personal address book is regarded as very useful (Scientist pages)

Advanced Search[edit]

  • Keywords search was requested (Functional issue)

Icons (Func. Prototype: Browsing and Displays)

  • Proposals for various icons:
  • Add User, Cancel, Edit, Help, Info, Search, Save, Released (Traffic Light Metaphor is already applied): All Participants agreed (3)
  • Upload, Pending, Submitted: Most Participants agreed (2)
  • Add File, Add Organization, Remove, ListView, Under Rework: Participants did not agree (1)
  • Add Source, Add Title, Withdrawn: Need to be replaced


  • The work with an empty paper, glue and predefined components is quite challenging and slow. For further workshop a prototype screen shot is provided to work with
  • Cut & paste is optional
  • Questionnaire can be done with simple web forms or pdf forms

Add-On* Poster or PDF File

Easy Submission, Advanced Search and Export[edit]

Place: Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, Postbus 310, NL - 6500 AH Nijmegen
Date: 06.03.2008 Date Planner
Status: To be summarized

9:30 Preparations

  1. 10:00 Introduction of team UIE and Workshops
  2. Briefing Easy Submission
  3. Easy Submission
  4. Clustering of outcome
  5. Briefing Advanced Search
  6. Advanced Search

12:00 Break

  1. Clustering of outcome
  2. Briefing for Export
  3. Export
  4. Clustering of outcome
  5. Validation of Icons and Wording

13:30 Short break

  1. Discussion of varieties
  2. Expectations and further proceedings
  3. Presentation of interview results from last visit

15:00 End

Workshops 2007[edit]

Short Item View[edit]

Place: MPDL Amalienstraße
Date: 29.11.2007
Status: Closed

Summary of Workshop Results[edit]

Initially the workshop for the short list view was not ment to deliver very much valid results, but when I put the pages from the whiteboard some things were striking. So I counted them for you:

  1. Creators are mostly on the first position (18/23 Participants)
  2. Title is mostly used as the second field (15/23 Participants)
  3. File/Fulltext seems to have an outstanding position because it was placed differently on exposed positions or apart from the list (down, right, top)
  4. Most participants prefer a vertical alignment of labels and fields (16/23)

Some participants tried to do a more sophisticated layout - which might mean that they do not like monotonous listings (just guessing). Thanks for participating!

Rupert 15:18, 9 January 2008 (CET)