User Interface Evaluation/Short Item View

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Short Item View[edit]

Place: MPDL Amalienstraße
Date: 29.11.2007
Status: Closed

Summary of Workshop Results[edit]

Initially the workshop for the short list view was not ment to deliver very much valid results, but when I put the pages from the whiteboard some things were striking. So I counted them for you:

  1. Creators are mostly on the first position (18/23 Participants)
  2. Title is mostly used as the second field (15/23 Participants)
  3. File/Fulltext seems to have an outstanding position because it was placed differently on exposed positions or apart from the list (down, right, top)
  4. Most participants prefer a vertical alignment of labels and fields (16/23)

Some participants tried to do a more sophisticated layout - which might mean that they do not like monotonous listings (just guessing). Thanks for participating!

Rupert 15:18, 9 January 2008 (CET)