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A small glossary for the used terms can be found under Miscellaneous.
Please enter all comments concerning the use cases on the discussion page.

UC_FAC_VS_01 View album event log[edit]


  • Status: in design
  • Schedule: ???


  • The user want to view the event log of an album to get an overview about all changes of the album.


  • An album is selected.
  • The user is the owner or a active shared user of the album.


  • This use case can be included by the use cases


  1. The user chooses to view the event log of the selected album.
  2. The system displays all album versions and their corresponding log entries. The list is sorted descending by the date of event. The most recent event is listed first.
    • the action (create, edit, share, unshare, release, withdraw album; add, remove picture(s); changes in the note pad will not be logged as the note pad is a separate item)
    • the timestamp of execution
    • the user who executed the action
    • the version of the object, on which the action has been done
  3. (Optionally) The user chooses to view one selected version of the album.
    3.1 The system displays the selected version.
  4. The use case ends successfully.

Actors Involved

  • Account user

Future development[edit]

Versioning of shared Albums[edit]

Following workflow would be possible:

  1. The user adds/removes pictures from the album. All his changes are only "pending" (not visible and changeable for other users of the album).
  2. The user has to "submit" his changes by entering a change description (e.g. in the notepad). When saving this comment, the changes will be visible and changeable for all users of the album.
  3. An event log will be provided, where only the submissions (together with the change description) are visible as single event logs.

--> Intellectual history will be provided (next to the technical one)

Problematic Scenarios:

  1. Two user are working parallel with the same album
    • User A is working on the album (his changes are in state pending). He added picture X to the album.
    • User B is also working on the album. For him picture X is marked as pending with following remark: "Added from user A".
    • When user A submitted his changes, picture X is not pending any more. That means, User B can see that picture X is added to the album and -if needed- can be removed by all users of the album.