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The prototype of Faces will be developed in several steps (releases). In each release, the following functionalities will be implemented.

Checkmark.png R1

  • Login /Logout
  • Display
  • Browsing
  • Search
  • Metadata Sets

Functional Prototype for R1

Checkmark.png R2

  • Enhancement of the search (age group search functionality, search within an public album)
  • Public (published) albums
  • Selection of Pictures (adding)
  • Multiple sorting
  • Export
  • Help functionality (linking between the help icons "?" within the application and the help page)

Functional Prototype for R2

Checkmark.png R3

Going productive!

  • User Management (Basic, via Admin solution)
  • Basic statistics
  • Extraction (via jhove) and saving (in a separate metadata file) of technical metadata
  • Display of technical MD
  • Revision of Help (texts)
  • New Home Page for Faces (no special Faces logo, only the MPIBMax-Planck-Institut für Bildungsforschung logo)
  • Integration of a blog for the creation of a news box on the start page

Functional Prototype for R3

Checkmark.png R3.2

Virtual release! - prepare FACES for a generic usage

  • Surrogate items
  • Enabling of generic integration of metadata profiles (NIMSNational Institute for Materials Science Japan, MPIMax-Planck-Institut zur Erforschung multi-religiouser u. -ethnischer Gesellschaften)

No functional Prototype needed for this release, as no 'visible' changes.

Checkmark.png R3.3 (GUIGraphical User Interface Release)

  • GUIGraphical User Interface V2

Functional Prototype for R3.5

R 4.0

AIM: Upload of collections to make the FACES software more interesting for other institutes!

  • Surrogate item implementation
  • Metadata profile management: create/edit simple metadata profile
  • Collection management: create collection with one md profile and a default style
  • Upload: data ingest by the user
  • Technical metadata extraction
  • Filename scan
  • (Batch) metadata editing
  • Browse by collection (collection portal: overview about all available collections)
  • Browse by albums
  • General free text search (any metadata value, either in album, picture or collection)
  • Simple search for collections and albums
  • Advanced search for pictures within one md set or collection
  • Researchers homepage (Wordpress plugin)

Further Requirements

Isn't this already provided, at least with no metadata? Just do a right mouseclick and download the pic.
  • Fine granular access rights for released items (per picture)
  • Simplified breadcrumb navigation (Last Album View, Last Image View)
  • Screencast
  • Integration of Digilib
    1. in a separate window
    2. fully integrated in the Faces GUIGraphical User Interface
  • Versioning: View album event log
  • Normstudy
  • Integration of the extended pictures from Rostock
  • Usage of an online application form (see Faces User Management)
  • Persistent Identifier (PIDPersistent Identifer or Identification) - depends on when the gwdg can provide this functionality
PIDs are now integrated
  • User Management that can be managed by the institute, not the MPDLMax Planck Digital Library (see Faces User Management)
  • Metadata ingest by user (zip+ecxel)
  • Batch tagging (assignment of new metadata to the items)


Expectations MPIMax-Planck-Institut B

  • Faces will be a service based on the eSciDocEnhanced Scientific Documentation infrastructure for publishing digital images (incl. a user management for all users who work with faces).
  • The institute’s and department-specific corporate design will be visible in the web design of the solution.
  • The content of the collection Faces will be digitally preserved and persistently identified.
  • The data from the currently available Faces database will be integrated.
  • The data of the collection Faces is not published as open access, except for the data of the six predefined persons who gave explicit publishing permission.
  • Faces will be a closed collection, so the import of further images is not possible once the application is running.
  • The application will support the future integration of further attributes (e.g from the normstudy).
  • Once the application is running, it can't be changed without the permission of the institute.
  • The MPIMax-Planck-Institut has fully administrator rights for the application.

Expectations MPDLMax Planck Digital Library

  • Faces will be delivered as an open source self-contained web application, which can be installed and run with predefined standard set-up.
  • The MPDLMax Planck Digital Library will use the FACEs solution as showcase for demonstrating possible research data scenarios based on the infrastructure. The institute's staff will support respective outreach activities by reporting on their experiences.
  • The MPDLMax Planck Digital Library has access to the root account of the application for administration purposes.
  • The data of Faces will be hosted at the MPDLMax Planck Digital Library (and/or its partners like the GWDGGesellschaft für Wissenschaftliche Datenverarbeitung Göttingen), who are also responsible for the server administration. Details will be defined in a service level agreement.