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The prototype of Faces will be developed in several steps which will be defined in in a separate document (Faces Scope).


  1. The collection Faces can be linked persistently to all online publications which base on the data of the application.
  2. The solution will only be written in English.
  3. A help functionality (case sensitive help) will be integrated in the solution.

Detailed Documentation[edit]

Detailed Specification about the different scenarios can be found here:



Future Development[edit]

Persistent Identifier (PID)[edit]

  • The usage of a persistent identifier is only required at collection level and on study set level to allow citability of the collection and it's study sets. Individual photos are not allowed to be cited, therefore no persistent identifier is needed. (We are able to put PIDs on files as well - but we will not display them for citation.) The handle system will be used for persistent identification.


Picture annotations are currently not needed. After several experiences with the solution, it will be discussed if

  • private annotations (only visible for the creator) and/or
  • public annotations (visible for all account users) are needed.