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FACES is a set of images of naturalistic faces of 171 younger (n = 58), middle-aged (n = 56), and older (n = 57) women and men displaying each of six facial expressions: neutrality, sadness, disgust, fear, anger, and happiness. It comprises two sets of pictures per person and per facial expression, resulting in a total of 2,052 images.

It was developed between 2005 and 2007 by Ulman Lindenberger, Natalie Ebner, and Michaela Riediger at the Center for Lifespan Psychology, Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin, Germany.

This page gives a short overview of all FACES solution functionalities. For further support, please check our support page.
The detailed functional Specifications can be found here.

Browse Pictures[edit]

Browse klein.jpg
  • Browse within all pictures of the collection
  • Browse within the pictures of an album
  • Multiple sorting within a picture list by
    • Age
    • Emotion
    • Gender
    • Picture Set
    • Person Identifier
  • Display of picture details (web resolution of the picture together with the corresponding metadata)
  • Display of the "picture for comparison" for each picture (the same motive but from the other picture set)
  • Display of the original resolution of the picture
  • Extraction and display of the technical metadata of a picture

List Views[edit]

AlbumList klein.jpg
  • Navigate via paginator or 'Go to' a special page number functionality
  • Customizable 'hits per page'
  • List display of all published albums together with the most relevant metadata
  • List display of all private albums (My Albums) with the most relevant metadata
  • Sort album lists by
    • Album Name
    • State
    • Date last modified
  • Filter album lists by
    • all albums (expect withdrawn)
    • all public albums
    • my albums
    • my private albums
    • my public albums
    • my withdrawn albums
  • Batch deletion functionality in 'My Albums' list


Search klein.jpg
  • Picture Search for
    • Age (group or range)
    • Emotion
    • Gender
    • Picture set
    • Person Identifier
  • Published Album Search
    • Free text search within the metadata of an album

Album Management[edit]

MyAlbums klein.jpg
  • Creation of private albums
  • Editing of an own private album
    • Select one of your albums as an 'active' album
    • Add pictures of the collection to your album
    • Remove pictures from your album
    • Enrich album with metadata
  • Deletion of a private album with all its content
  • Publishing of an own private album
  • Withdrawing of an own published album
  • Export the pictures of an album (own or published)


Only for users with administrator rights.

Statistics klein.jpg
Tracking of:
  • Number of Visits
  • Executed LogIns
  • Executed Exports
  • Number of Exported Pictures

User Management[edit]

MPDL internal administrative solution.

AdminSol klein.jpg
  • Creation of Faces users
  • Editing of the Faces user details
    • Password
    • Email Address
    • User Name
    • Affiliation
    • Rights
  • Deactivating of a Faces user

Further Features[edit]

Homepage klein.jpg