Interface Draft: Authors and Affiliations

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R6.x Approach[edit]

Authors and affiliations can be associated with ID or just stored as strings. This makes any handling of corresponing entries more complicated on the GUI. The GUI needs to meet two requirements to enable the current submission for multiple authors:

  1. List of authors/organizations must be shorter
  2. List needs to be more similar to the view item version
  3. Handling of controlled vocabulary must be possible
  4. Matching of authors to IDs or removal of IDs must be possible

Prototype draft[edit]

Authors and affiliations can come from manual entry, import or by automatic detection after cut & paste entry. To support a large list of authors affiliated to a list of organizations a grid list is introduced:

Edit List

Mode of Operation[edit]

Adding Authors and Affiliations Manually[edit]

Author Names

One author line with empty fields is available by default (Plus symbol only).

Add an Author

Plus adds a new line below. Authors can be typed with the help of an autosuggest. If the user chooses an autosuggest entry from the list, the system links it to the recognized ID and shows an icon accordingly. The researcher portfolio can be accessed by clicking the icon (as implemented). If the user ignores the autosuggest, the system doesn't store an ID.

Change a Name

Any name in the list can be changed if the cursor is placed in a prepopulated name field. If the name is being changed a new area appears where the user has the option to keep the ID even if the name does not match. The ID can be removed even if the name has been chosen from the autosuggest (as users may not know, that any selection triggers the storage of ID) .

Authors id handling.png

Delete an author

Clicking on the minus symbol removes an author and the corresponding line.

Match author to affiliation

Each author can be matched to one or more affiliations from the affiliations list below. The user enters Footnotes (comma separated) to point at affiliations listed below. The system validates relations to affiliations during save/submit.


One affiliation line with empty fields is available by default. (Plus symbol only) Affiliations are counted line by line. Each integer can be referenced by the author entires above.

Add an Affiliation and Address (See add, change, delete authors names)

If an affiliation is deleted or inserted the system informs that relations to authors need to be aligned (a more convenient, future version should be able to validate and recalculate the footnotes).

Authors and Affiliations Manually from Cut & Paste[edit]

One affiliation can be provided when handing over cut & paste names (as implemented). Each author is linked to that first affiliation and must be rewired manually if different relations are necessary.

Author names populate the fields line by line. An automatic match is not recommended because it is not sure if users check the matched names and correct them before submit.

Icons appear behind each author, indicating that names have not been checked so far. Users need to check them one by one.

More affiliations can be entered manually with the help of autosuggests. The matching to IDs should be the same as proposed for authors. To match an author to one or more affiliations the right input is used. Affiliations are entered as numbers, separated with commas (1,5,7).

Adding and removing of entries are similar for both authors and affiliations.

Authors and Affiliations from Imported Items[edit]

The import is treated identically to the manual entered author names.


Case 1: The author name is right, but it is an author with the same name which is different from the author that has an ID.

-> The user places the cursor in the input and starts typing. He ignores the autosuggest. The icon disappears and no ID is linked to the name.

-> The user chooses an entry form the suggest list. The icon indicates that an ID is linked to the name.

Case 2: The author name is wrong/has another writing but ID is fine

-> The user chooses an entry form the suggest list. The icon indicates that an ID is linked to the name. The user places the cursor in the input, an area below invokes two additional options (if a name with ID is is going to be changed), the system offers the dialogue: Remove ID, Keep ID. The user selects "Keep ID".

Fetch Organizations from Tree

Not necessary anymore.