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Results from 'Thinking Aloud' interviews based on R3[edit]

The usability evaluation method 'think aloud' is the most affordable and efficient among numerous test methods. If one follows human centred design principles to go for ISO 13407[1], it is good way to get relevant issues fast.

11 Persons were interviewed out of 2 domains:

  • Scientists (5 Interviews)
  • Librarians (4 Interviews)

The interview time has been shortened from 60min to 45min. Interview forms and analysis have changed. Due to a shorter time some tasks qould not be performed if the user was distracted or slow.


Indicate where users were hesitating, asking, put a comment or missed the right action at the first attempt. (A hint for User Interface Engineering where problems exist and if they can be related to wording, process or position).


The task couldn't be completed with the interface. This is the case when users get lost within the interface, do something wrong or can not continue because something is missing.


The task leads to a valid result. This is the case when no step shows a 'Failed'. It does not mean that single steps can have issues of type serious or minor.



Measures taken from interviews do not lead necesserily to a solution of the problem in one go. Old issues need to be tested again. As R4 comes with a new interface it needs to be tested completely.