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CSS/JS resources in the presentation layer are maintained redundantly across solutions. As GUI 2.0 is common for all solutions it can be maintained and deployed in a more common manner to prevent diverging sources.


As to solution specific needs resources will be stored in two places with the following structure.

Solution Specific GUI Resources[edit]

Each svn project keeps a part of it's presentation (JS won't be separated to avoid cross side scripting)


The foldes should look like that (pls. merge additional image/script locations to what is documented here):

- resources
-- commonJavaScript (should be kept in synch with other solutions)
--- componentJavaScript (contains JS used in common components)
--- externalJavaScript (3rd party JS resoures)
--- jquery (The jQuery framework)
--- eSciDoc_javascript.js: Installs component scripts and holds general JS
--- main.js: Loads main functions

-- $solution$Images (contains overrides for images used by solutions only: static Startpage Images, Logos, ...)
--- ...
--- ...

-- $solution$JavaScript (contains solution specific JS plus plugins, if only used here)
--- ...
--- ...

The common part of the presentation will be stored here:

New Common GUI Resources[edit]

-- cssFramework (contains the css for all solutions)
--- componentCSS (e.g. css for list display)
--- globalCSS (framework core, standard element sizes)
--- globalImages (images valid for all solutions (e.g. eSciDoc Logo), may get overridden by solution specific stuff)
--- themes (themes and standard skins are all stored here, and will be deployed as needed)
---- skin_skin1 (contains logo, icons as well)
----- images (icon library)
----- styles (appearance layer)
---- skin_skin2
----- images (icon library)
----- styles (appearance layer)
---- skin_ ...
----- images (icon library)
----- styles (appearance layer)

The following folders are decrepated and will be replaced:

  • eSciDoc_CSS_v2/
  • favicon.ico
  • images/ (??)
  • skins/


Common presentation will be defined as dependency.

JavaScript Strategy[edit]

If dynamic patterns are needed UIE checks to suggest one. If feasability is given, an overwrite style will be written to extend css: