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Creative Brief

A creative brief is a document used by creative professionals to develop creative deliverables. The document is usually developed by the requestor and approved by the creative team of designers, writers, and project managers.

A creative brief may contain:

  • Background — what is the background of the project? Why is it being done?
  • Target audience — what do they already think about this subject? Is there anything that should be avoided?
  • Objectives — what is to be accomplished? How will this be measured and success understood?
  • Single message — what is the one thing to tell the audience? What is the single thing they should remember about the offering? How will they believe what we say?
  • Mandatory elements - mandatory elements such as the client's logo, address, phone number and so forth.
  • Deliverables — what is to be used to give the audience the message? What is the best way or place to reach this audience?
  • Timeline — how soon is this needed? When is it expected to be done? How many rounds (revisions) will this project undergo?
  • Budget — how much can be spent to get this developed? Is there any budget needed to publish/flight the creative?
  • Approvals — who needs to give the "okay"?