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A small glossary for the used terms can be found under Miscellaneous.
The FACES statistics will only be visible for the FACES Administrator(s).

Basic Usage Statistics[edit]

Events to track[edit]

Following basic statistics shall be gathered for R3:

  • Homepage
1. Number of visits (number of different retrievals of the Homepage (once per user session)) for all users
Definition: Number of different retrievals of the Homepage (once per user session). No distinction between 'real' users and robots. One session will automatically end after 30 minutes (or when the user ends it by himself).
  • Log-ins
2. Number of executed log-ins
Definition: Number of executed log-ins
  • Export
3. Number of executed exports
Definition: Number of successfully executed exports (agreement accepted). Multiple downloads per session count multiple.
4. Number of exported images (jpgs)
Definition: Number of downloaded pictures. If an album has 10 pictures and the user chooses to download these pictures in the 3 available resolutions the number of downloaded pictures will be 30.

Data per Event[edit]

Following data shall be gathered for each event:

  1. Date and time of the event
  2. For export: number of exported pictures


For every statistic, two reports have to be defined:

  • per month
  • per year

Further Development[edit]


  1. We can offer to export the statistics in csv to create several reports with external tools.

Events to track

  1. The number of all (pending/released/withdrawn) albums within Faces
  2. The number of new albums within Faces

Data per Event

  1. Who (IP for derivation of the origin, erase the last digits)
  2. For albums: date created, date released, date withdrawn

As Faces extends, would be actually great to enable Album level statistics and image-level statistics (e.g. included in 5 albums, viewed 300 times) etc. --Natasa 16:22, 20 July 2009 (UTC)

Associated Use Cases[edit]

Further information[edit]

  • A definition about the different terms used in the web analytics can be found in Wikipedia.