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This page shows an overview of the system messages of Faces.

ID Type Text (EN) Text (DE) Use Cases
Browse and Display
MSG_FAC_BD_01 Message The albums of FACES are only visible for logged-in users. If you already have an account, please log in.

If you are interested in an account for special research questions, you can apply for an account by filling in the application form.
Otherwise you can view some sample pictures here.

UC_FAC_BD_07 Resolve released album by URL
MSG_FAC_SR_01 Message Sorry, no items were found. Please try again.

UC_FAC_SR_01 Search
UC_FAC_SR_03 Public album search
UC_FAC_SR_04 Do simple search

Album Management
MSG_FAC_AM_01 Success Message Your album has been created. Ihr Album wurde erstellt. UC_FAC_AM_01 Create album
MSG_FAC_AM_02 Success Message Your changes have been saved. Ihre Änderungen wurden gespeichert. UC_FAC_AM_04 Edit album
MSG_FAC_AM_03 Success message Your album has been deleted. Ihr Album wurde gelöscht. UC_FAC_AM_05 Delete album
MSG_FAC_AM_04 Success Message Your album has been published. Ihr Album wurde publiziert. UC_FAC_AM_06 Release album
MSG_FAC_AM_05 Success Message Your album has been withdrawn. Ihr Album wurde zurückgezogen. UC_FAC_AM_07 Withdraw album
MSG_FAC_AM_06 Success Message Your invitations have been sent to the provided e-mail address(es). Parallel a shared note pad for your album has been created. UC_FAC_AM_09 Share album
MSG_FAC_AM_07 Success message You have confirmed the sharing of album xy. UC_FAC_AM_10 Confirm shared user
MSG_FAC_AM_08 Error message The album you want to share has been deleted in the meantime. You can not share it anymore. UC_FAC_AM_10 Confirm shared user
MSG_FAC_AM_09 Message You are already sharing this album. UC_FAC_AM_10 Confirm shared user
MSG_FAC_AM_10 Success Message One ore more users has been deleted from the list of shared users. They will automatically informed about that via e-mail. UC_FAC_AM_11 Unshare album
MSG_FAC_AM_11 Success Message All pictures have been copied. UC_FAC_AM_12 Copy album content
Note Pads
MSG_FAC_NP_01 Success Message Your note pad has been created. UC_FAC_NP_01 Create private note pad
MSG_FAC_NP_02 Error Message The required note pad is currently blocked because it is edited by another user. Please try to edit it later. Das angeforderte Note Pad ist gerade gesperrt, da es bereits von einem anderen Nutzer editiert wird. Bitte versuchen Sie es später nochmal. UC_FAC_NP_02 Edit note pad
MSG_FAC_NP_04 Success Message Your note pad has been deleted. UC_FAC_NP_04 Delete note pad
MSG_FAC_NP_05 Success Message Your note pad has been released. UC_FAC_NP_05 Release note pad
MSG_FAC_NP_06 Success Message Your not pad has been withdrawn. UC_FAC_NP_06 Withdraw note pad