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The Max-Planck-Institut für europäische Rechtsgeschichte is intending to create a web based archiving and working environment for text corpora of the late scholasticism period. The MPDLMax Planck Digital Library should function as a technical advisor and will develop the required web solution for this project.

In a first step a prototype was created to shape functionalities and workflows. This prototype was demonstrated on the workshop "Die Schule von Salamanca und ihre Bedeutung für das westliche Denken. Ein Projekt zur Erschließung von Quellen, Konzepten und Kontexten".

Initial Meeting 19.04.2010 (Dr. Birr, Kiefl)

Document "Szenario einer internetbasierten Bibliothek der spanischen Spätscholastik" was explained and discussed:

Possible candidates of a live demonstration with the latest ViRRVirtueller Raum Reichsrecht implementation are:

  • Bibl. metadata
  • Structural metadata of a volume

Candidates for a visual prototype are:

  • Structural metadata of a volume
  • A browse by (Authors, Volumes,...)
  • Person related metadata
  • 'Lemmaliste'

Some topics appear to be better covered by a static presentation

  • OCROptical Character Recognition
  • dynamic Editions

Ms. Birr provided exemplary material on the subjects which can be integrated.

There are several possibilities to approach a first presentation:

  1. Aligned to the Digitisation Lifecycle (what is necessary, what are the steps)
  2. Visionary "Spätscholasik with global access" (what could be thought of)
  3. Narrative Scenario: Scientific work with digitised online resources


Max-Planck-Institut für europäische Rechtsgeschichte, Priv.-Doz. Dr. Christiane Birr