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Publication Management within the MPG is driven by three types of users:

  1. Scientists
  2. Librarians
  3. Secretaries

From usability interviews data was collected to get a picture about the audience, their abilities experience and work environment.

Example of Data Collected (Pullout only)

Person ' Participant 01 Participant 02 Participant 03
Group Scientist Scientist Scientist
Environment Desktop space Good Good Good
External Help IT Services IT Services IT Services
Noise and distraction None None None
Browser Netscape 7.02, Safari current FF3 FF3
Legathy applications MS Office Appicarions MS Office, Citavi MS Office, Citavi, Mail Client (Thunderbird)
Workload Workload High Low Low
Personal Background Age (Average) 45 25 30
Nationality German German German
Educational Background Higher Master Higher
Gender Female Female Female
Professional Background Percentage of Work spent with applications 75 50 80
Percentage of web applications involved 10 15 30
Professional background (Years) 15 1 1
Employment context Employment Max Planck Max Planck Max Planck

Creation of Virtual Persons[edit]

From the collected data three virtual persons were shaped with a set of average attributes. Based on this set and enriched with personal impressions from interviews the social background was added to make the person more vivid.