User Interface Evaluation/Thinking Aloud/Interview Analysis

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Results from 'Thinking Aloud' interviews based on R2[edit]

The usability evaluation method 'think aloud'[1] is the most affordable and efficient among numerous test methods. If one follows human centred design principles to go for ISO 13407[2], it is good way to get relevant issues fast.

11 Persons were interviewed out of 3 domains:

  • Scientists (5 Interviews)
  • Librarians (4 Interviews)
  • Secretaries (2 Interviews)

This is the first result across three person groups. To get a closer picture for one group at least 7 Interviews need to be taken.


The test documents containing all relevant tasks and notes from the interviews can be found here:



The following issues are identified

  • Screen jumps on every action to top -> Technical Issue
  • Procedure/Wording 'Language' -> Technical/Functional Issue
  • Position 'Form buttons' -> GUI Issue
  • Procedure 'Add button' -> GUI Issue
  • Procedure 'File upload and 'add'/'browse' -> GUI Issue
  • Procedure 'Organizations'/'Advanced Search' -> GUI Issue
  • Procedure 'Select Mechanism' -> GUI Issue