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Content model for FACES collection[edit]

  • Note: this content model is applicable for R2 of Faces solution and there may be changes in future depending on R3 requirements


  • Context: FaceContext
    • Admin descriptor: No rules for now
    • Workflow: No rules for now
    • Validation rules: No rules for now
    • Responsible org units: MPIB


  • Have extra context for Album creators simply to distinguish them and not to mix - Thus album creators would be able to give further privileges for their albums to other people, check also discussion on

See Discussion page on user management


Face collections[edit]


Instead above create 2 objects with FaceCollection CModel.

  • 1. object: Faces collection
    • Members: all face items
  • 2. object: Faces public collection
    • Members: face items with public component level visibility

Both containers would be top level containers in Faces Context.

Proposal: to postpone the creation of two separate containers for now until R3 and further requirements. probably we should come back to it later.--Natasa 00:03, 11 July 2008 (UTC)

User albums[edit]

  • ContainerCModel: FaceAlbum
  • Metadata: Faces Application Profile Album
  • Members: selected face items by the user
  • Conditions: user who create albums has "Privileged Viewer" role on FacesContext, to be able to see images with private component visibility.--Natasa 14:56, 3 September 2008 (UTC)