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Virr Medium Multivolume 31 Static.gif Virtueller Raum Reichsrecht
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Digitization Lifecycle


Please note that release dates might change during development life cycle.

Checkmark.png Release 1.0

  1. Ingestion (no user interface)
    • scans --> derive from file structure a basic skeleton of toc
    • bibliographic metadata: MAB mapping to MODS
    • structural metadata: eSciDocEnhanced Scientific Documentation container
    • derive basic keywords from bibliographic metadata
  2. Browse and Display (basic)
    • alphabetical sorted browsing tree (multi-volume works, parts and pages)
    • display of basic bibliographic metadata (name of book, page)
    • display of scans in detailed view

Checkmark.png Release 1.5

  • Original picture size in new window
  • Link to DFGDeutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft Viewer
  • Only 1 book for a start (ingestion will be continued successively)

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Checkmark.png Release 2.0

  • New GUIGraphical User Interface for bibliographic metadata (on book level, volume level, multi volume level)
  • Edit bibliographic metadata
  • Browsing by physical structure/scans
  • URLUniform Resource Locator for each image

Checkmark.png Release 2.1

  1. Editing
    • create logical pagination
    • enrich toc skeleton with information on structural elements (i.e. chapters)
    • relate pages and structural elements (e.g. page 1-5 = chapter 1)
    • add metadata about the chapters, e.g. keywords
  2. Browsing and Display (enhancement)
    • display of all information collected during the editing process
    • linking between the structural elements and the corresponding scans
    • Ingestion all pages of the 2 books
  3. Simple User Management
    • Log on / log of
    • Editor role

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Checkmark.png Release 2.5

  • Minor changes in ToCTable of Contents editor and browsing page, based on feedback from last meeting (07.05.09)
  • Rework of homepage content (by institute)
  • Rework of the start browsing page
  • Will include Oertel 1-8 and Schauroth 1-3

Checkmark.png Automated Ingestion

  • Extend ingest procedure to automatically generate JPEGs incl. parameter setting for JPEGImage File Format generation:
    • Thumbnail resolution
    • Web resolution
    • Full resolution
  • Will not include cropping of black frames

Checkmark.png Release 2.6

  • Help (context-sensitive)
  • Integration of disclaimer
  • Integration of copyright and license information
  • Book markable pages/nice URLs
  • Display metadata in ISBD style
  • Inclusion of testresults from the institute

Checkmark.png Release 2.7

  • Bugfix
  • Ingest of all books

Checkmark.png Release 3.0

  • GUIGraphical User Interface rework (GUIGraphical User Interface v2)
  • Persistent identification of resources (Handle assignment)
  • Basic export (METSMetadata Encoding and Transmission Standard/ MODSMetadata Object Description Schema)

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Open Issues

  • Integration of the requirements for the Journal Project
  • Check routines for the editor
    • No structural element without an assigned page
    • Check sequential pagination
    • Check for 'not assigned pages'
    • Check for 'not paginated pages'
  • Search engine optimization
  • ZVDD conform
  • OAI-PMHOpen Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting Interface (define sets)

Project Phase

The development for the ViRRVirtueller Raum Reichsrecht project is finished since end of 2010 the ideas and findings will run in the new project Digitisation Lifecycle.