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The Judicial Journals of the Max Planck Institute for European Legal History are now online available, please visit the dlib server

Basic Facts[edit]

The Max Planck Institute for European Legal History wants to digitize their judicial journals and archive them with eSciDoc. For the presentation and interactive working environment the solution ViRR will be extended and generalized. The metadata of the journals will be delivered in MAB2 format.

General Decisions which have been made so far:

  • For start ViRR Books and Judicial Journals will be two separate instances.
  • It was decided that the coreservice will be decoupled from PubMan (ViRR and Journal data will get own instance).

Enhancement for the Journal Project[edit]

As a first step the ViRR solution will be enhanced with the following metadata changes and new functionalities.



Extend 3.1[edit]

  • Additional metadata multivolume:
    • Bandzusammenfassung = MAB 432
    • ZDB-ID Druckausgabe = MAB 025z (Sisis-MABexport 572)
    • ZDB-ID elektronische Ressource = MAB 025z (Sisis-MABexport 572)
    • ISSN = MAB 542a
    • Sonstige Nr. [hier: Kirchner-Nr.] = MAB 542z (Sisis-MABexport 580)
  • Additional metadata volume:
    • Bandangabe in Vorlageform (MAB 089)
    • Bandangabe in Sortierform (MAB 090) – prüfen, nach welchem Beispiel in MAB (1-3) die Verschlüsselung geschehen soll.
    • Eigentümer Digitalisierungs-Vorlage (mit festen Werten zur Auswahl)

Specified in: http://colab.mpdl.mpg.de/mediawiki/Mapping_MAB_to_MODS

  • Additional structure types
    • Gesetzgebung

Specified in: http://colab.mpdl.mpg.de/mediawiki/ViRR_Metadata#List_of_structural_element_types

  • Additional structural metadata:
    • Titel des rezensierten Werkes (multiple)

Extend Future[edit]

  • Dynamic display of institutional logo, depending on the displayed work ("standardmässig sowohl das Logo des MPI als auch das Logo der SBB, Es wird jedoch auch weitere Eigentümer-Logos geben").

Exemplary Data[edit]