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This page provides a mapping from MAB to MODS based on the requirements for the ViRR project.

Format Name

Source: MABMaschinelles Austauschformat für Bibliotheken
Target: MODSMetadata Object Description Schema


MABMaschinelles Austauschformat für Bibliotheken Field Label (of AP) Description MODSMetadata Object Description Schema Comment
001 Record Identifier Local, but not stable record identifier (always changes after updating the dataset) recordInfo recordIdentifier id="MAB001" not needed by Institute
720 Record Identifier Local and stable record identifier (as 001 always changes after updating the data) recordInfo recordIdentifier id="MAB720" needed for display purpose (NO editing!). Label would be: Katalognummer
3 010 RelatedItem.Identifier Identifier of the parent relatedItem type="host" identifier type="local"
037 Language Language language languageTerm type="text" ger encoding schema RFC 4646
089 or 451 (only the numeral) Order Volume number part type="host" order="…" detail number
100, 104, 108 … 196 Creator (normed) Verfasser (normiert)

<name type="personal" authority="pnd"> <namePart type>
<role> <roleTerm type="code" authority="marcrelator"> aut

If no person information exists, the creator name will be filled with the String "Unbekannt" during ingestion
Reason: In ViRRVirtueller Raum Reichsrecht it is not allowed to have a work without any associated person.
100b, 104b, 108b … 196b Creator (normed) Associated Name (normed)

<name type="personal" authority="pnd"> <namePart>
<role> <roleTerm type="code" authority="marcrelator"> asn

304 Title Uniform title <titleInfo type="uniform"><title>
310 Title Other variant title <titleInfo type="alternative"><title>
341 Title Parallel title
<titleInfo type="translated"><title>
331 Title Main Title <titleInfo> <title>
335 Subtitle Subtitle
<titleInfo> <subtitle>
359 Note Statement of responsibility <note type="statementOfResponsibility">
361 RelatedItem.Title Work in a collection without collective title <relatedItem type="constituent"> <titleInfo> <title>
403 EditionStatement Edition Statement <originInfo> <edition>



Place of publication

Place of printing
<originInfo> <place> <placeTerm type="text">
  • 410 (place of publication) as well as 410a (place of print) can both only be mapped to mods:origininfo:place:placeterm, ending up with an array of placeterms, but unable to determine which one is place of publication or place of print
  • the same applies to 412 (publisher) and 412a (printer), which both are mapped to mods:origininfo:publisher.
  • Solution: As discussed in meeting, we will create two originInfo entries, if the entry contains date value it represents a publisher, otherwise it represents a printer




<originInfo> <publisher>
425 DateIssued Date of publication <originInfo> <dateIssued keyDate="yes" encoding="w3cdtf">
433 NumberOfPages Collation <physicalDescription> <extent>
451 (all) RelatedItem.Title Series Title <relatedItem type="series"> <titleInfo> <title>
501 Note Note <note>
544 Location Shelfmark <location> <physicalLocation>
902, 907, 912 … 947 Subject Keyword <subject> <topic>
All subjects of one similar field (e.g. 902) shall first be mixed to a subject chain with / between each word so that the values will be handled as one subject, not as several ones.
Extension for the Journal Project
542a Identifier ISSNInternational Standard Serial Number <identifier type="issn"></identifier>
370a Other title
Weiterer Sachtitel <titleInfo type=???><title></title></titleInfo>
432 Abstract
(Not in APApplication Profile extend?)
Bandzusammenfassung <abstract></abstract>
572 Identifier ZDBZeitschriftendatenbank-IDIdentifier ??? <identifier type="zdb-id"></identifier> ???
580 Identifier Sonstige Nr. [hier: Kirchner-Nr.] <identifier type="kirchner"></identifier>
580 Identifier Sonstige Nr. [hier: eZDB] <identifier type="eZDB"></identifier>
Mapping for Volumes (csv - MODSMetadata Object Description Schema)

Example Data

Following bibliographic metadata is currently available:

General Information

  • As a rule we can state that every element is mapped with the full path. That means that for every MABMaschinelles Austauschformat für Bibliotheken entry a full MODSMetadata Object Description Schema element will be created. E.g.: every creator will have his own name tag.
  • The bibliographic metadata will be transferred to MODS according to the recommendation from the zvdd.