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Bibliographic Metadata

Describe the intellectual content of the whole work

The bibliographic data of the digitized works is delivered by the institute in MAB2 ("Maschinenlesbares Austauschformat für Bibliotheken") format. MABMaschinelles Austauschformat für Bibliotheken is a special data structure which is used in libraries for the exchange of metadata. For detailed information about the import of MABMaschinelles Austauschformat für Bibliotheken data check the corresponding mapping.

Structural Metadata

Represents the inherent structure of the complete work

Structural Metadata in the context of the ViRRVirtueller Raum Reichsrecht application describe the logical structure of a work.

  • Reflects the division of the work into its constituent parts
  • Depends on the physical carrier medium
  • Special case: An article begins in one work and continues in a second work (one structural element split in two works)

Further understandings of structural metadata which might be addressed at a later stage:

  • Physical structure:
    • Reflects the layout/arrangement of the text on a specific physical artefact
    • Might differ for different physical carrier mediums of the same (intellectual) work
  • Other structural information
    • Dependent on the mark-up language of the transcription (e.g. TEIText Encoding Initiative), other information about the text can be attached, e.g. semantic or syntactic information, incl. linguistic categorizations (clause, morpheme, part-of-speech) or narrative structure (e.g. theme). See TEI-Levels of Transcription.

List of structural element types

Based on the requirements of the institute, gathered from Goobi and DFG Viewer.

Basic Enhanced Journalproject
* Abschnitt (section)
* Beilage (supplement)
* Corrigenda (corrigendum)
* Danksagung (acknowledgments)
* Einband (cover)
* Einleitung (introduction)
* Errata (errata)
* Faltblatt (leaflet)
* Gesetz (law)
* Illustration (illustration)
* Impressum (imprint)
* Index (index)  
* Inhaltsverzeichnis (table of contents)
* Kapitel (chapter)
* Leere Seite (empty page)
* Nachsatz (trailer record)
* Portrait (portrait)
* Titelblatt (title page)
* Vorwort (preface)
* Widmung (dedication )

* Abkürzungsverzeichnis (list of abbreviations)
* Addenda (addenda)
* Anhang (appendix)
* Ankündigung (announcement)
* Anmerkungen (annotations)
* Anrede (address)
* Artikel (article)
* Aufsatz (essay)
* Autorenindex (index of authors)
* Beitrag (contribution)
* Besitznachweis (proof of ownership)
* Bibliographie (bibliography)
* Brief (letter)
* Chronologischer Index (chronological index)
* Eintrag (entry)
* Gedicht (poetry)
* Handschriftliche Notizen (handwritten notes)
* Illustrationsbeschreibung (illustration description)
* Illustrationsverzeichnis (index of illustrations)
* Interpretation (interpretation)
* Karte (map)
* Kolophon (colophon)
* Komposition (composition)
* Lebenslauf (curriculum vita)
* Literaturverzeichnis (references)
* Nachruf (obituary) 
* Ortsverzeichnis (index of places)
* Ortsplan (city map)
* Personenverzeichnis (index of persons)
* Rechtsprechung (judicature)
* Rezension (review)
* Statistik (statistic)
* Stempel (stamp)
* Tabelle (table)
* Tabellenbeschreibung (table description)
* Tabellenverzeichnis (index of tables)
* Themenindex (index of themes)
* Titelkupfer (frontispiece)
* Verlagsanzeige (publisher's advert)
* Vorsatz (fly-leaf)
* Vortitelblatt (pre-title page)
* Werbung (advertisement)
* Zwischentitelblatt (title page in-between) 
* Sammelrezension (Collective review )
* Miszelle (Miscellany)
* Gesetzgebung (Legislation)
* Sonstiges (Other)

Descriptive Metadata

Describe the intellectual content of the structural elements of a work
Label (according to ViRR Application Profile) Description MODSMetadata Object Description Schema Remarks
Title Title <titleInfo> <title>
Numeration Numeration <titleInfo> <partNumber>
Subtitle Subtitle <titleInfo> <subtitle>
Creator (normed) Normed name <name type="personal" authority="pnd"> <namePart> Perhaps in a further step, the creator can be based on an authority file.
Creator (inverted) Inverted name <name type="personal"> <namePart>
Creator display form Display form <name type="personal"> <displayForm>
Creator Role Creator Role <role> <roleTerm type="code" authority="marcrelator"> see roles list under ViRR Application Profile: Creator
Subject Keyword <subject> <topic>
Place Place <originInfo> <place> <placeTerm type="text">
Law Type Law type <subject> <genre> see law types list under ViRR Application Profile: Law Type
Legislature (display) Legislature display form <subject> <name type="corporate"> <display form>
Legislature (origin) Legislature <subject> <name>
Date issued Date issued <originInfo> <dateIssued>
Genre Genre <genre> see list of structural element types
-- Start page Can be captured from the data of the editing interface (after pagination and assigning of pages to structural elements)
-- End page Can be captured from the data of the editing interface (after pagination and assigning of pages to structural elements)
Note Comment <note> e.g. link to external resource
Related Item Continuation <relatedItem> a relation to a structural element within ViRRVirtueller Raum Reichsrecht

Administrative Metadata

"Information necessary to allow a repository to manage the object: this can include information on how it was scanned, its storage format etc (often called technical metadata), copyright and licensing information, and information necessary for the long-term preservation of the digital objects (preservation metadata)" from Metadata in the Oxford Digital Library.

  • Human readable Copyright & License are described here.
  • Machine readable Copyright & License should be integrated into the ViRRVirtueller Raum Reichsrecht application profile (MODSMetadata Object Description Schema:copyInformation, accessCondition).
  • Technical Metadata, how to expose, integrate in METSMetadata Encoding and Transmission Standard export? (Extraction via JHOVEJSTOR Harvard Object Validation Environment possible).