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Bibliographic Metadata[edit]

Describe the intellectual content of the whole work

The bibliographic data of the digitized works is delivered by the institute in MAB2 ("Maschinenlesbares Austauschformat für Bibliotheken") format. MAB is a special data structure which is used in libraries for the exchange of metadata. For detailed information about the import of MAB data check the corresponding mapping.

Structural Metadata[edit]

Represents the inherent structure of the complete work

Structural Metadata in the context of the ViRR application describe the logical structure of a work.

  • Reflects the division of the work into its constituent parts
  • Depends on the physical carrier medium
  • Special case: An article begins in one work and continues in a second work (one structural element split in two works)

Further understandings of structural metadata which might be addressed at a later stage:

  • Physical structure:
    • Reflects the layout/arrangement of the text on a specific physical artefact
    • Might differ for different physical carrier mediums of the same (intellectual) work
  • Other structural information
    • Dependent on the mark-up language of the transcription (e.g. TEI), other information about the text can be attached, e.g. semantic or syntactic information, incl. linguistic categorizations (clause, morpheme, part-of-speech) or narrative structure (e.g. theme). See TEI-Levels of Transcription.

List of structural element types[edit]

Based on the requirements of the institute, gathered from Goobi and DFG Viewer.

Basic Enhanced Journalproject
* Abschnitt (section)
* Beilage (supplement)
* Corrigenda (corrigendum)
* Danksagung (acknowledgments)
* Einband (cover)
* Einleitung (introduction)
* Errata (errata)
* Faltblatt (leaflet)
* Gesetz (law)
* Illustration (illustration)
* Impressum (imprint)
* Index (index)  
* Inhaltsverzeichnis (table of contents)
* Kapitel (chapter)
* Leere Seite (empty page)
* Nachsatz (trailer record)
* Portrait (portrait)
* Titelblatt (title page)
* Vorwort (preface)
* Widmung (dedication )

* Abkürzungsverzeichnis (list of abbreviations)
* Addenda (addenda)
* Anhang (appendix)
* Ankündigung (announcement)
* Anmerkungen (annotations)
* Anrede (address)
* Artikel (article)
* Aufsatz (essay)
* Autorenindex (index of authors)
* Beitrag (contribution)
* Besitznachweis (proof of ownership)
* Bibliographie (bibliography)
* Brief (letter)
* Chronologischer Index (chronological index)
* Eintrag (entry)
* Gedicht (poetry)
* Handschriftliche Notizen (handwritten notes)
* Illustrationsbeschreibung (illustration description)
* Illustrationsverzeichnis (index of illustrations)
* Interpretation (interpretation)
* Karte (map)
* Kolophon (colophon)
* Komposition (composition)
* Lebenslauf (curriculum vita)
* Literaturverzeichnis (references)
* Nachruf (obituary) 
* Ortsverzeichnis (index of places)
* Ortsplan (city map)
* Personenverzeichnis (index of persons)
* Rechtsprechung (judicature)
* Rezension (review)
* Statistik (statistic)
* Stempel (stamp)
* Tabelle (table)
* Tabellenbeschreibung (table description)
* Tabellenverzeichnis (index of tables)
* Themenindex (index of themes)
* Titelkupfer (frontispiece)
* Verlagsanzeige (publisher's advert)
* Vorsatz (fly-leaf)
* Vortitelblatt (pre-title page)
* Werbung (advertisement)
* Zwischentitelblatt (title page in-between) 
* Sammelrezension (Collective review )
* Miszelle (Miscellany)
* Gesetzgebung (Legislation)
* Sonstiges (Other)

Descriptive Metadata[edit]

Describe the intellectual content of the structural elements of a work

Label (according to ViRR Application Profile) Description MODS Remarks
Title Title <titleInfo> <title>
Numeration Numeration <titleInfo> <partNumber>
Subtitle Subtitle <titleInfo> <subtitle>
Creator (normed) Normed name <name type="personal" authority="pnd"> <namePart> Perhaps in a further step, the creator can be based on an authority file.
Creator (inverted) Inverted name <name type="personal"> <namePart>
Creator display form Display form <name type="personal"> <displayForm>
Creator Role Creator Role <role> <roleTerm type="code" authority="marcrelator"> see roles list under ViRR Application Profile: Creator
Subject Keyword <subject> <topic>
Place Place <originInfo> <place> <placeTerm type="text">
Law Type Law type <subject> <genre> see law types list under ViRR Application Profile: Law Type
Legislature (display) Legislature display form <subject> <name type="corporate"> <display form>
Legislature (origin) Legislature <subject> <name>
Date issued Date issued <originInfo> <dateIssued>
Genre Genre <genre> see list of structural element types
-- Start page Can be captured from the data of the editing interface (after pagination and assigning of pages to structural elements)
-- End page Can be captured from the data of the editing interface (after pagination and assigning of pages to structural elements)
Note Comment <note> e.g. link to external resource
Related Item Continuation <relatedItem> a relation to a structural element within ViRR

Administrative Metadata[edit]

"Information necessary to allow a repository to manage the object: this can include information on how it was scanned, its storage format etc (often called technical metadata), copyright and licensing information, and information necessary for the long-term preservation of the digital objects (preservation metadata)" from Metadata in the Oxford Digital Library.

  • Human readable Copyright & License are described here.
  • Machine readable Copyright & License should be integrated into the ViRR application profile (MODS:copyInformation, accessCondition).
  • Technical Metadata, how to expose, integrate in METS export? (Extraction via JHOVE possible).