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Format Name[edit]

Source: escidoc-toc
Target: METS


Mapping from a ViRR TOC to DFG Viewer conform METS.

METS Element TOC Value Attribute Description
mets xsi:schemaLocation="" xsi:schemaLocation schemaLocation
dmdSec ID=dynamic id This section records all of the descriptive metadata for all items in the METS object (including both structural map divs and descriptive metadata for data files)
mdWrap MIMETYPE="text/xml"
mimetype, mdtype descriptional metadata wrapper
xmldata The TOCs container, mdRecord (escidoc) contains a MODS description of the descriptive MD --- A wrapper element to contain XML encoded metadata
amdSec ID=dynamic id This section records all of the administrative metadata for all items in the METS object
rightsMD ID=dynamic id intellectual property rights metadata
digiprovMD ID=dynamic id The digiprovMD element provides a wrapper around a generic metadata section, which should contain information regarding the ultimate origin of a digital object and the derivation of its current elements
fileSec --- --- The content file section records information regarding all of the data files which comprise the digital library object
fileGrp USE=DEFAULT or
use This element allows for the grouping of content files into sets (Thumbnail, Web and Full resolution)
file ID= Id of the file item
id, mimetype
xlink:href= baseURL + <toc:ptr ID="itemXXPtr" xlink:href="/ir/item/escidoc:XX">
loctype, xlink:href File Location
structMap TYPE=physical (files)or
TYPE=logical (struct elem.)
type The structural map is the heart of a METS document, defining the hierarchical arrangement of a primary source document which has been digitized
div ID=dynamic
DMDID= corresponding dmdSec ID
AMDID= corresponding admSec ID
TYPE=Page (physical structMap)
TYPE=struct. element (logical structMap)
id, dmdid, admid, type The METS standard represents a document structurally as a series of nested div elements
div ID=dynamic
ORDER=<toc:div ID="itemXX" ORDER="X">
TYPE=<toc:div ID="XX" ... TYPE="XX">
id, order sub div
fptr FILEID=id of the item in the fileSec fileid File Pointer
structLink --- --- The Structural Map Linking section allows for the specification of hyperlinks between different components of a METS structure delineated in a structural map
smLink --- xlink:from=id in logical structMap
xlink:to=id in physical structMap
An element linking two elements in the structural map


  • If structMap TYPE = physical => div TYPE=page.
  • If structMap TYPE = physical and structMap TYPE=logical exists, these two elements have to be linked in the structLink element.

Rights and Provenance Information: DV Profile[edit]


DV Element Value Description
rights --- surrounding element for rights informations
owner Max Planck Institute for european legal history the items rights owner
ownerLogo logo of the owner
ownerSiteURL the owners homepage
links --- surrounding element for rights informations
reference --- the items metadata on the owners homepage
presentation --- the items scan view on the owners homepage


<dv:rights xmlns:dv="">
<dv:links xmlns:dv="">

Requirements for ZVDD[edit]

  1. Symbol Remove.png mods:identifier MUST be provided ("zvdd fordert an dieser Stelle einen weltweit eindeutigen Identifier wie z.B. URN, PURL, DOI, Handle oder ARK...")
  2. Symbol Remove.png References to superordinated works have to be expressed by the element relatedItem with attribute=host, followed by an recordInfo element with an recordIdentifier element (no persistent identifier required).
  3. Symbol Remove.png mets:div TYPE="Monograph", the Type attribute MUST be a value of the "zvdd-Strukturdatentypologie".
  4. Checkmark.png Rights section: owner, logo and homepage elements MUST be provided
  5. Checkmark.png Provenance Information: reference and presentation element MUST be provided
  6. Checkmark.png FileGroups MUST provide the USE attribute
  7. Checkmark.png Min. two FileGroups MUST exist (USE=MIN and USE=DEFAULT)
  8. Checkmark.png mods:part element MUST have an ORDER attribute
  9. Symbol Remove.png mods:part can contain mods:detail (with TYPE attribute containing zvdd-Strukturdatentyp (MUST)) and mods:number element (numbering Information)
  10. Checkmark.png The physical structMap MUST contain a root div element with attribute TYPE=physSequence
  11. Checkmark.png Every div element in the physical and logical structMap MUST have an identifier
  12. Checkmark.png Every div element in the physical structMap MUST have an ORDER attribute (Integer)
  13. Checkmark.png Every div element in the physical structMap can have an ORDERLABEL attribute
  14. Symbol Remove.png Every div element in the physical structMap can have a CONTENTIDS attribute (Persistent identifier for every scan, relevant for citation).
  15. Symbol Remove.png Every div element in logical structMap MUST have an TYPE attribute with value of a "zvdd-Strukturdatentyp"
  16. Symbol Remove.png Every div element in the logical structMap can have a CONTENTIDS attribute (Persistent identifier for every structural, relevant for citation).
  17. Symbol Remove.png Multivolumes and Journals can be modelled as well ("Bandübergreifende Navigation im DFG-Viewer wird ermöglicht, indem die Bände und ihre übergeordnete Struktur mittels METS-Pointern untereinander verknüpft werden. Dies geschieht über eine weitere METS-Datei, die nur die Zeitschrift oder das Mehrbändgie Werk beschreibt.")
  18. Checkmark.png FilePointer can only link to files, not to fileGroups
  19. Checkmark.png StructLinks always refer from a logical element to a physical element

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