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The ViRR resources are structurally modeled with a set of content models:

  • MultiVolumeModel: a collection of books, represented as a top-level container that aggregates one to many scanned books (-> BookModel)
  • BookModel: a law book is represented as a top-level container (or as a member container within a multi volume top-level container) that aggregates scanned pages of the book
  • BookPageModel: a scanned page of the law book is represented as an item which is a member of the book container
  • BookChapterModel: a chapter is represented as a container that is a member of the book container and aggregates a subset of selected scanned pages
  • TranscriptionModel: a transcription is represented as an item that is related to an instance of the BookPageModel item

Content model for digitized books[edit]

Content Model ViRR.jpg

Current Implementation[edit]

  • MultiVolumeModel: object id = escidoc:VIRRcm1
top-level container, which can only have containers (= BookModel) as members
  • BookModel: object id: = escidoc:VIRRcm2
top-level or member container, which van only have items (= BookPageModel) as members
  • BookPageModel: object id = escidoc:VIRRcm3
scanned page item with a default metadata record (name=escidoc, type=MODS) and exactly three components, which represent the three different resolutions of the scanned image files.
  • BookChapterModel and TransscriptionModel are currently not implemented