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A small glossary for the used terms can be found under Miscellaneous.


Scenario 1

  1. The user want to upload one book.
  2. The book consists of several images (available as tiffs) which first have to be convert into jpgs for the web presentation.
  3. The newly created jpgs have to be uploaded in a batch method to the system. The correct order of the images (based on the name of the files) has to be kept and saved.
  4. A MAB file with the bibliographic metadata of the book has to be uploaded to the system.
  5. The system derives a first skeleton of the ToC of the book from the uploaded data (title, number of pages)

General Requirements for R1[edit]

  • Ingestion of scans (incl. derivation of a basic skeleton of the books)
    • Naming convention of the files
      e: einband (always e1-e4, two for the front cover and two for the back cover)
      v: vorgebundene, nichtbedruckte Seiten (always after the front cover)
      d: derivate (content pages)
      n: nachgebundenen Seiten (always after the content pages)
    • Basic skeleton already includes three levels:
      1. multi-volume work, e.g. "Vollständiges corpus gravaminum evangelicorum"
      2. part (volume), e.g. "Vollständiges corpus gravaminum evangelicorum. Band 7"
      3. pages
  • Ingestion of bibliographic data: mapping of MAB to MODS

UC_VR_IN_01 Import MAB data set[edit]


  • Status: in specification
  • Schedule: Project Phase


  • In order to update the bibliographical metadata of a multivolume, volume or monograph based on changes in the library catalog of the institute, the user wants to upload the corresponding MAB file. This use case shall include that older values will be overwritten. This use case does not include a synchronization. It only updates one explicit bibliographic metadata set based on one MAB file.


  • The bibliographic metadata of one multivolume, volume or monograph is selected.



  1. The user wants to import a MAB file to the system.
  2. The system prompts for the path of the import file.
  3. The user enters the path to the file and confirms the import.
  4. The system imported the MAB data, maps it to MODS, saves the values in MODS and updated the edit bibliographic metadata view. This includes that already filled in values will be overwritten by the new values. The system displays a message (MSG_VR_IN_01). The use case ends successfully.

Actors Involved

  • Editor

Further Development[edit]

  • Ingestion of one MAB file to update all bibliographic metadata in ViRR
    • As the institute sometimes changes their bibliographic metadata in the library catalog, these changes shall be assigned to the corresponding metadata in ViRR.