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An overview of all currently available ViRR search indexes can be found here.

UC_VR_SR_01 Do simple search[edit]


  • Status: in specification
  • Schedule: Project Phase


  • The user wants to search in defined metadata within the ViRR collection by providing a simple search string.

Expected Outcome

  • The search results are displayed.


  1. The user chooses to execute a simple search.
  2. The system displays the simple search field.
  3. The user provides a search string into the simple search field and starts the search.
    The search string consists of one or more search tokens. A token can be a single word (= term) or a phrase (= any string in double quotes). A term may contain wildcards in the middle or at the end (* for matching zero to many characters, ? for matching zero or one character). Wildcards are not allowed as the first character. Within a phrase token, no wildcards are allowed. Phrases are automatically right truncated, thus in its context, the phrase may be followed by any character. Tokens may be combined through boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) and grouped by parenthesis. If no boolean operator is given between the tokens AND is used as default operator.
  4. The system searches for the defined search string in the defined metadata of the ViRR content and creates a search result.
  5. The system displays the search query and the list of pictures of the search result. Include UC_VR_BD_09 View search results.
  6. (Optionally) The user chooses to revise the search.
    6.1 The system displays the search mask again with the filled out search string the user has entered before.
    6.2 Continue with step 3.
  7. The user is satisfied with the search result. The use case ends successfully.


5a. No metadata matched the search request.
  1. The system displays a message (MSG_VR_SR_01). Continue with step 7.

Actors Involved

  • User

UC_VR_SR_02 Do advanced search[edit]

  • Advanced Search
    • Search for special metadata
    • Should there be a possibility to save the search?

The output of a search will always be the metadata of a book, not the scans.

Open Points[edit]

  • Are auto suggested fields in terms of lists needed for special metadata fields (e.g. author)?


  • When the search string is part of a title of a structural element, the user will see the first scan (in the browse book view) of the corresponding structural element